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Story: Artifact social media app ; 07-02-2023;

All you need to know about social media app 'Artifact' from the Instagram founders’.

Another Twitter competitor launched by Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the app is called Artifact. The app is part of a new venture aimed at exploring social apps, a report in The Verge noted.

The duo behind the one of the most popular social media platform, Instagram. Which would have around 1.2 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2023 according to a report forecast from 2020, come back to mobile app market with the launch of a news reading platform.

The app uses algorithmic predictions, which Kevin Systrom sees as ‘the future of social.’

The Artifact is an AI powered app?:

According to Kevin Systrom (co-founder) said the app works on algorithmic predictions in order to show personalized news feed to the users. The use of artificial intelligence dominates the app as its tag line suggest “A personalized news feed driven by artificial intelligence.”

Users have to first read at least 25 articles for the app to personalize your feed. (You can track your progress in the app.) before the AI could start suggesting topics, articles according to the user's interests, according to news reports.

Experts say, it is a “RSS news reader type app”, which Google launched long ago (shut since 2013). While other calls it an surprise attack on Twitter.

The app has a feed of popular articles, chosen from a variety of top end publishers to some small-scale blogs, about niche topics.

Users are able to read and follow their favourite topics in news, while reading articles from their chosen platforms.

The use of AI takes place, after some time, and then it starts serving similar posts and stories, just like any other algorithm based platform.

What features does Artifact present:

The app has features like thumbs down article or hide the publisher, save articles to read later, share articles through iOS or Android’s built-in sharing features. Apart from these, the app has a two-page interface with one page for news articles list and another one for browsable pages, with categories at the top.

Features like report content, view reading history and read articles in a cleaned-up reader mode are also available.

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