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Story: Bajaj Two wheeler sales dipped in Dec. 2022; 27-01-2023;

Bajaj Auto Limited saw drop in sales of its two-wheelers, Pulsar, Chetak electric scooter remain most sold.

• Bajaj Auto Limited, saw drop in sales in December 2022, the two-wheeler giant saw drop in sales in domestic and global markets, its sales went down to 2,47,024 units from 3,18,769 units sold in Dec 2021, registering a decline of 23 per cent.

The domestic sales declined by 2%, falling from 1,27,593 units in December 2021 to 1,25,525 units in December 2022.

• Top-selling two-wheelers include the Pulsar, Platina, CT, Dominar and Avenger, while it was the Chetak electric scooter that saw the highest YoY (Year-on-Year) growth.

Bajaj Pulsar range sales went up 15.09% in December 2022, with sales of 74,768 units, up from 64,966 units in Dec. 2021.

• Pulsar 125cc reamain the most sold from the company two-wheeler line-up with 40,719 units sold in December 2022.

• Pulsar 150cc saw 23,909 units sales, in Dec. 2022

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter sales went up 346.29%:

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter saw Sales increase of 346.29 percent in Dec 2022 up 728 units sold in Dec 2021, Chetak's 3,249 units were sold in December 2022.

Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter 30,000 units were sold in December 2022, in domestic markets.

Bajaj Avenger and Dominar both suffered YoY de-growth. Avenger sales dipped 55.74 percent to 1,054 units from 2,377 units sold in Dec 2021. Dominar sales were down 73.42 percent to 743 units in the past month from 2,795 units sold in Dec 2021.

Brief History:

Bajaj Auto Limited was founded by Jamnalal Bajaj, in Rajasthan in the 1940s, it is based in Pune, an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company, based in Pune, Bajaj Auto manufactures motorcycles, scooters and auto rickshaws, Bajaj Auto is a part of the Bajaj Group.

Bajaj Auto is the world's third-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the second-largest in India. It is the world's largest three-wheeler manufacturer.

In December 2020, Bajaj Auto crossed a market capitalisation of ₹1 trillion (US$13 billion), making it the world's most valuable two-wheeler company.

Global sales growth:

Bajaj two wheeler global exports fell 37.15 percent in Dec. 2022, with YoY (Year-on-year) to 1,13,640 units from 1,80,824 units shipped in Dec 2021.

Globally sold two-wheelers from Bajaj:

• Bajaj Boxer 125 and Boxer 150 is primarily available in the African markets. As per the names, Boxer comes with two engine options, 100cc, 125cc and 150cc.

• Bajaj exports the Pulsar series in Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Colombia and some of the Latin American markets.

• Pulsar continues to consolidate its leadership position in key countries across the globe like Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, Turkey, Bangladesh, Nepal and Egypt.

• Boxer achieved its highest ever export sales, and continues to lead the market in Africa with over 40% share in key countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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