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Story: Metaverse competition among big tech giants; 12-08-2022;

Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia Competing For Metaverse Dominance!

• Big Tech giants like Meta, Apple, Microsoft are Competing For Metaverse Dominance, but which one would occupy the future of Metaverse and gain much of user base on respective platforms, let's find out.

Meta (Formerly known as Facebook):

Meta is the first tech giant which has invested quite heavily on the Metaverse platform, even went on to rename the company name from Facebook to Meta.

The founder, chairman and CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg, recently launched the project Nazare, in a 1-hour-long launch, in which he described how and what his version of the Metaverse would look like and possibilities of the platform.

Meta has its own Virtual Reality headset, “META QUEST 2”, which starts at $299 USD. While Meta Quest does have a bunch of accessories too, which one could buy from the official website.

Meta has launched other products too, such as Meta Portal, for so-called smart video calling, and some cool and futuristic looking eye wears, named “Ray-Ban Stories”, these smart glasses allow you to take photograph, listen to music-voices and are touch controlled.

With some bundle of products and massive teams working on the project- “Nazare” the Meta seems quite a big and promising players for the upcoming future filled with the Metaverse.


Microsoft has been working on the Metaverse from quite a long time now with their HoloLens mixed reality headset, or accuring of big game developer companies in past few years, have signaled their intention to occupy and rule the Metaverse or Virtual Reality world.

Microsoft recently lauched their road map or vision of Metaverse via a video presentation which is available on YouTube, in the video company CEO Satya Nadella, and other team members talked and demonstrated the technology the Microsoft currently workin on like Teams (Video communication app).


Apple is rumoured to have been working on their own AR (Augmented Reality) and VR headset, and Metaverse environment.

Though Apple is not a gaming industry giant by any means, but the high uses of AR features and increase of hardware capability required for AR, in their smartphones has signalled their intentions to go big on Metaverse.


Nvidia is another tech giant investing in the metaverse. With previous year presentation Nvidia showcased their tools and hardware to fuel and add up to the Metaverse world.

Nvidia’s technology can be the foundation for various other competitors and even itself if it decides to truly create its own virtual reality for users. With its new launch “NVIDIA GRACE CPU-POWERED SYSTEM” according to Nvidia, it is a “New class of data centre systems for digital twins, AI, high-performance computing, and cloud graphics and gaming.

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