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• NAME: Dedaandsons Global News app (PWA)

• Category: News

• Hand-picked news and stories carefully presented to you, stories that matters the most to you: ✅

• Secure: ✅

• Fast: ✅

• Size: Around 1MB or so (Install size).

• No notification spam.

• Beautiful design line and good looking app icon.

If the app is not already installed on your device, you should see a Install button below:

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NOTE: If you don't see any “install button” on this page, then try to clear “cookies” [for this website.]

Click settings in your browser, or click on 🔒 “lock sign” (if on chrome), the cookies settings can be reached on browser's search bar (usually on the left side).


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On IOS try to click on share button after clicking on “install button” then add our app (PWA) on your home screen.

Still having issues? Kindly mail us, explaining what issue you are facing while trying to install our app (PWA.) on below given email address.


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