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Story: Pakistan-US deal on F16 modernization; 26-09-2022;

Pakistan deal with the US related to modernization of its F-16 fleet, India reacted harshly.

The US is proving out to be quite helpful towards Pakistan, a former close ally of the US in the Asian region. The two countries are not so close in terms of bilateral relationship, in recent times.

Pakistan secured a $450-million deal with the US to modernize its F-16 fleet.

Pakistan also achieved IMF bailout, and various reports suggest Pakistan might get out of Gray List, with the current US and Chinese support.

India's reaction to PAK-US deal:

Indian External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar gave harsh reactions to the deal between the US and Pakistan, saying, “You’re not fooling anybody.”

The United States has given approval for F-16 fighter jet sustainment program to Pakistan in the name of “Counterterrorism,” support. The deal, worth $450 Million.

S. Jaishankar also said Washington-Islamabad relationship has not served the US interests.

India-Pakistan are neighbour countries and both share a bitter relationship with each other. Pakistan was created after 1947 partition of India by the British rule.

US says "Not a message to India":

A top American defence official has said that the $450 million programme for maintenance of the Pakistan's F-16 fleet is not "a message to India ,

The US and India share a hot-cold relationship due to the fact that India maintains a friendly relationship with Russia and buys military hardware heavily from Russia.

Recent talks between India-Russia for Russian defence missile system S400 has also impacted Indian relationship with the US.

Pakistan-US relations on positive track? :

Pakistan acqired the F-16 figter jets from the US a decade ago, and the multirole aircraft serves as the leading face of Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan currently requires some key parts of the F-16, to maintain its F-16 fleet.

The previous Trump administration had blocked the same $450 million programme for maintenance of the F-16s, due to sorrow relationship with Pakistan back then.

But now as current Biden administration approved the programme, and Pakistan getting a bailout from IMF, these developments points towards a positive signs for Pakistan-US relationship.

Pakistan ex-prime minister claims that the US played a key role in toppling of his government last year.

The current Pakistani government led by Mr. shahbaz sharif is also famously called a puppet or “selected govt” in Pakistan.

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