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Story: iOS 16 Beta; 07-06-2022;

iOS 16 Beta version is out with ton of updates, find out what you'll get in it?

• iOS 16 would likely be released, with the rumoured iPhone 14, in September.

• iOS 16 release in India is expected to be in September as well, alongside with worldwide release.

Surrounding the Update:

Apple released its iOS 16 beta version, iOS 16 beta version in Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022, on Monday, what's new in the latest update in the iOS version 16 Beta let's check out:

The latest version would be available from July, for the developers and for that users who opt to install the beta version.

The update is significant as it covers a wide range of products of Apple including iPadOS 16 Beta, watchOS 9 Beta, tvOS 16 Beta, and macOS 13 Ventura beta.

The latest operating system update includes support for recent iPhone models till iPhone 8 and prior versions including iPhone 7 would not be the part of the latest iOS updates and won't get OS update support further.

Currently, the software is in Beta mode and if you want to have your hands on to it, you must have an additional Apple Beta account to install the updates.

The latest iOS update has build number (2085283p), you can find this in about section, here a massage prompts that stats: This update includes improvements and bug fixes for your iPhone.

Now let's talk about the updates and new features which are included in this update:

Customize your lock screen & Home Screen looks:

iOS 16 provides a significant feature update for lock screen, which now will be heavily customizable with the latest official wallpapers, widgets, text settings and more.

One big change is, notifications does not appear at the screen all the time, but instead gets scrolled upwards from bottom, so you get a clear looking interface.

Focus Modes:

Some important features include focus mode, which allows users to be more productive. Under Focus modes one could select apps and people she/he want to receive notifications from by either allowing them or silencing them.

This feature allows one to even further customize iPhone according to mood or current mindset, and how one wants to use it at the moment. Changing between modes is just one swipe away from Personal Focus to Work Focus with the help of icons.

Live Activities:

There is one more significant feature called Live Activities, it displays live updates from the apps in real time, right on your Lock Screen.

One would be able can check the score of a game or track the progress of food delivery without having to unlock the device.

Edit messages you already sent in the Messages app:

The messages now can be edited or unsend, and can be marked as unread.

While messages remove or edit works until 15 minutes of sending, after that message cannot be and undo nor could be edited. While recovering the deleted message for after 30 minutes is now possible as well.

There is another feature which is called collaboration which allows you to Share notes, presentations, reminders, Safari Tab Groups, and more within messages.

Similar sort sort of feature updates has also been done to mail as well. features like Undo send, Schedule, Follow up, and rich links, are included, while search delivers more accurate and complete results and provides suggestions before one starts typing.

Use Dictation and the keyboard together:

Dictation has been updated with, now you can type with the keyboard, tap in the text field, move the cursor, and insert QuickType suggestions while keep on dictating, emoji's could be added with dictatioin as well,

While the keyboard has been updated as well, Haptic touch on key press is now available, the keyboard also has multiple new language support added to it.

iCloud Shared Photo Library :

The biggest update includes iCloud shared photo library, with this feature one could share photo library with upto five peoples.

Everyone you have shared the library with would have the permission to edit, share or delete the photographs.

• In the camera, you can now blur the foreground in the portrait mode.

• In cinematic mode, the edge detection feature has been included.

Handoff in FaceTime:

FaceTime has got serious updates as well, now you can switch between devices and hand your FaceTime to another device while you are still active.

Live captions has also been edit add to the update.

SharePlay via Messages:

Watch the latest episode of your favorite show or listen to a new song with friends while chatting about it in Messages. Shared playback controls ensure that you’re always synced up.

Apple Pay Later & Wallet:

Wallet got updated as well, with Apple Pay Later user can split the cost of Apple Pay purchase into four payments over six weeks with no interest or fees.

Users would be able to view receipts and track Apple Pay orders directly in Wallet.

Users could share keys securely in Wallet using their favorite messaging apps, including Messages, Mail, and WhatsApp. Users would be able to control and decide where, when keys can be used, and rovoking it anytime.


Significant feature update is called "multi stop routing", this allows user to plan stops in between the route and destination.

Parental control options & Family Sharing option in settings:

Quick Start feature would allow one to set up a new device for child with all the appropriate parental controls already in place.

Update important information for each family members, and review recommandaiton.

Settings like share location, set communication limits, turning on location sharing, sharing iCloud+ subscription with everyone.

New privacy features for those in abusive relationships:

Privacy and further security layers have also been added, such as account security like sharing location, restricting access to photo library, FaceTime, restricting further information sharing with others, which you've previously added.

Next Generation of CarPlay :

Siri can now auto send messages in CarPlay as well, podcast library feature, fuelling and driving apps has also been introduced.

Apple is planning big with CarPlay, and looks forward to introducing the ultimate iPhone experience for the car.

In the intro, Apple stats that CarPlay could be fully integrated to control driver’s screens including the instrument cluster, ensuring a cohesive design experience that would be best for car and iPhone.

Vehicle functions like radio and temperature controls are handled right from CarPlay. And personalization options ranging from widgets to selecting curated gauge cluster designs make it unique to the driver.

Airpods interface updates:

Personalised audio setup is available to improve audio quality, while under settings, a new option is available when one connects air pods, this option allows one to check battery status for air pods, automatic ear detection, microphone, settings, and more.

Fitness app:

If you don't have an Apple Watch or you don't want to wear it while exercising, you can still measure your walk and other activities and keep track just via iPhone itself, as it has sensors for that.

Use Switch Control, Voice Control, or any other assistive feature on iPhone to control Apple Watch.


Safari is updated too, as now user can share tabs and bookmarks, send messages, and start FaceTime right from Safari.

Safari update also introduced new pass keys, pass keys is a new sign-in method that is end-to-end encrypted and safe from phishing and data leaks. works with touch id or face id sign in.

Other minor updates:

Other minor updates include Siri suggestions, search icon on home screen for spotlight search.

Siri has some offline functionality, incoming voicemail, hang-up calls, automatically send messages without confirmation, and Siri now works even easier with third party apps.

Translate text around you using the camera in the Translate app. Translation of text you see is possible by sort of capturing a photo of it, and the feature automatically translate the text for user.

One could adjust the home screen wallpaper according to needs, from a bunch of options available to pick from, including personal photos.

In the security section, the phone software would regularly be updated automatically with the latest security patches when available, and users would not have to install entire operating system every time for security updates.

Additional language support, quick note share option, web page share.

New music notification and favourite artist track, and stock widget that allows you to keep track of the current changes in the market.

Turn audio into text in real time and follow along more easily with conversations and media.

Sound recognition allows you to keep track of different sounds like doorbell, fire alarm,custom alarms etc.

Buddy control, siri pause time, books has new options as well, dictionary has updates for 7 new bilingual du languages like Turkish english, canada english, etc.

Weather app is also updated with more information tracking.

There are much more features and updates in iOS 16, apart from the above-mentioned. Currently, the Beta version has bugs, so do install these updates on your own risk, or just wait a little more for the final stable version for the masses.

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