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Story: Mothers Day ; 28-05-2023;

Mothers Day celebrations, all you need to know.

• What is Mother's Day?

• Why do we celebrate Mothers day?

• Dates on which Mothers day is celebrated around the world?

• How do different communities celebrate the Mothers day?

Why to celebrate the Mother's day:

Mother's Day is celebrated to honour our mothers and to show our love, respect towards our Mothers. The day is celebrated to honour our relationship with loving and caring mother.

In simple words, giving respect to the mothers who do everything to make her children life filled with joy, success, happiness, and secure, in all aspects of their life.

Interesting facts about Mother's Day:

• Mother's Day is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the month of March or May.

• Some countries do have a multi century history of a day to celebrate mothers.

• Anna Jarvis an US citizen, started Mothers Day celebration, in the United States on 8th of May, in the early 20th century.

• Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom is celebrated on 25th of March, and is often referred to as Mother's Day even though it is an unrelated celebration.

• The United States day of observing as the Mother's Day was later adapted by some other countries, which is 8th of May.

Dates on which we celebrate the Mother's day:

February 13:

• Norway celebrates it on February 13.

8th of March:

• Countries like Tajikistan, Burundi, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Belarus, observes the day on 8th March.

25th of March:

• Countries like Nigeria, United Kingdom, island, Jersey celebrate Mother's Day 25th of March.

1st May:

• Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, marks it on 1st of May.

8th May:

• Hong Kong, Australia, island, India, Austria, Italy, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Belgium, Macau, Malaysia, Brazil, United States of America, China, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Zambia, Uganda, Turkey, Ukraine, Tanzania, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Singapore, Colombia, Finland, Greece, Germany etc

29th of May:

• The day is celebrated in Algeria, Cameroon, Sweden, Tunisia Morocco, Madagascar on 29th May.

• Malawi observes the day on 15th of October, Mongolia on 1st June, in Vietnam it is celebrated on 20th of October, Argentina on 16th October, and North Korea observes it on 16th of November. Russia celebratess the mother's day on last Sunday of November.

• Panama on 8th December while Indonesia also celebrates the day in December, according to the Georgian calendar.

How do we celebrate it:

• Mother's Day is observed much like as it has evolved in the United States, wishing, giving gifts, and dinners, etc. This way of observing the day is some what adopted by many other countries as well.

Developing countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, or countries which does not have much of Western lifestyle or lineage, they have adopted and try to celebrate or observe the day, in influence to the western culture or specifically in the way that the United States celebrates the day.

• Mothers Day in Bangladesh was not that popular earlier, but now due to much western influence via social media and Internet mainly, in recent times, the idea of celebrating the Mother's Day or days like it, has spread more widely, specially by millennials and generation Z community.

• Many religious families do not celebrate it.

• Pakistan, India, or Arab countries even China for that matter has seen rapid spread of the idea of a special day to accommodate or honour one's mother by much influence of its commercialization rooted from the United States.


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