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Story: Taliban shuts Afghan human rights body calls it unnecessary; 18-05-2022;

Taliban shuts "Afghan human rights body" calls it not necessary.

• The Afghan human rights body was involved in documenting, civilian casualties of Afghanistan.

• “Afghan human rights body is deemed not necessary,” by the Taliban regime in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Taliban's closure of groups like human right body:

Taliban on Tuesday said that, they had dissolved the independent human rights commission. “We have some other organizations to carry out activities related to human rights, organizations that are linked to the Judiciary”- Deputy government spokesperson Inamullah Samangani.

“These departments are not considered necessary, so they have been dissolved. But in the future if they were needed then they can resume their operations.”- said Samangani.

The latest closure of the Afghan human rights body is the third, after groups like election commission and Ministry for women's affairs in Afghanistan, were previously shut.

Taliban came into power last year:

Taliban seized the power in Afghanistan last year, after two decades of long battle with the US led NATO alliance and Afghanistan's national forces. The swift change in regime came, after US pulled out the last of their remaining troops from Afghanistan last year, the Taliban swiftly captured power in Afghanistan by defeating, the military led by national government, which was internationally recognized.

Current Afghanistan condition & people's livelihood:

The Taliban are facing a financial deficit of about 44 billion afghanis (about $500 million) in a country almost entirely dependent on foreign aid. Majority of the population is going through a severe malnutrition due to poverty, and lack of foreign aid.

Heather Barr, associate women's rights director at Human Rights Watch, said it was shocking to see Afghanistan backslide with the closures. “It mattered enormously to have somewhere to go, to ask for help and to demand justice,” she tweeted.

The Taliban's regime in Afghanistan has not been yet recognised internationally by any country, this includes close allies like China and Pakistan.

Afghanistan is severely affected by the blockade of foreign aid, relief funds, as well as by the seizure of Afghanistan's national funds in US, and due to those sanctions and unrecognition the imports and exports of the country has also taken a hit.

These situations are causing the current drastic poverty, and malnutrition in the Afghanistan population.

The country has already suffered enormously throughout two decades of long war between US led NATO alliance, Afghan national government and Taliban.

However, the current Taliban regime champions the human rights maintenance in the country and demands international recognition, release of the blocked funds and foreign aid's.

But things are not going well in direction, as more than a year later the government is not yet recognised, and not yet got its funds back and Taliban are closing the internationally recognised groups in the country, leaving a void in the internation relationship.

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