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Story: Top-unique food channels on YouTube India; 15-03-2023;

Top food channels to follow in India on YouTube | Good food channels on YouTube.

Village Cooking Channel:

At the top of the list we've given “Village Cooking Channel” space as it has 20M plus subscribers.

• Village Cooking Channel is a mostly non-veg food making channel which entertains the viewers with its unique concept and ideas. Here's the link to the channel: Village Cooking Channel .

• The bio of channel says, “The Village grandpa cooking traditional village food, country foods, and tasty recipes for foodies, children, villagers, and poor people. Village cooking channel entertains you with cooking and sharing foods.”

Sweet tiny dish—bread loaf with banana pieces with honey on top and some black cherry and white powder sugar for topping.

Your Food Lab:

“Your Food Lab” is another interesting food making channel with more than 4M subscribers, the bio of the channel says “Learn innovative food recipes in seconds!” The channel mostly has Veg recipes, and does involve non-veg food making as well.

Here's the link to the channel: Your Food Lab .

Veg Village Food:

Veg Village Food is another top Indian food channel on YouTube to follow, the channel has good 5M plus subscribers, with over 400 plus food making videos. The channel goes by the name “Veg Village” so it is entirely a Veg food channel. Good for those who want to follow only Veg food recipes.

Here's the link to the channel: Veg Village Food.

The intro video has the following message written for the viewers alongside with it, “It has been a long journey for us and our dream has finally come true. With all your love and support we are happy to announce that we are opening our first restaurant on 8th November in 5 phase mohali. Experience the essence of home-cooked food at Veg Village Food. We can't wait to serve you.”

Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans:

The last but not the least on this list of food channels is “Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans”, the channel has 2M plus subscribers, and is a non-veg food channel, with a good cause attached to it. The chef serves food to Orphans after cooking them, which is quite unique and depicts much love and care. The channel has 600 plus videos for viewers.

Here's the link to the channel: Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans.

• In the bio of the YouTube channel, it says, “We serve food for all poor people. Social Service YouTube Channel. we serve food with LOVE.”

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