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Story: “Truth” Social Media in India? ; 13-10-2022.

TRUTH Social Media platform by “Donald Trump” is a US only social media app?

The Truth Social is not available to Indian users, as it is a US only platform, and Indian users cannot make an account on it.

The Truth Social Media platform was launched by Trump Media & Technology Group, which is an American media and technology company founded in October 2021 by former U.S. president Donald Trump.

The service was launched on February 21, 2022, and has been listed on Apple app store and on Google play store (Google listed it just recently).

Google at first didn't approve the app version of the Truth on Play Store, as it violated Google's policies related to "prohibited content" like "physical threats " and "incitement to violence", but now the app is approved for Google Play in October 2022, as Truth agreed to enforce policies against such incitement.

Is truth social media popular:

According to various reports onliine as of August 29, 2022, Truth ranked at 25th spot on Apple's App Store rankings for social media apps.

Many news outlets said it could be a more successful version of other alt-tech social media platforms like Parler and Gab.

Why Donald Trump launched his own social media platform?:

Last year when former US president Donald Trump, was banned or suspended from major social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook & YouTube, for violating their policies following the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol. He then instantly announced his own Social Media Platform, back in October 2021.

Back then, Trump said “We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favourite American President has been silenced. This is unacceptable,” Trump said in a written statement included in the release.

“I am excited to send out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social very soon. TMTG (Trump Media & Technology Group) was founded with a mission to give a voice to all. I'm excited to soon begin sharing my thoughts on TRUTH Social and to fight back against Big Tech,” he said.

The app was to make entry in the first quarter of 2022, but failed to do so.

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