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Story: Twitter after Jack Dorsey ; 21-09-2022;

Jack Dorsey departing Twitter, good or bad? Twitter Edit Button.

• Twitter rolls out its much awaited Edit button, with a catch!

• Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stepped down from the position on 29th of November, last year.

Twitter has seen some tough time since its co-founder Jack Dorsey bid farewell to the CEO position.

Twitter Privacy Policy update:

Twitter board, consisting of former CEO, appointed Indian-American Parag Agrawal as CEO.

Parag's first major decision was to update the privacy policy of the platform, introduction of rules like “prohibiting the users to share any kind of private media containing individuals.” led to criticism from the users.

Musk vs Twitter:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tried to buy the Twitter, then he tried to dump the deal after finding dubious claims and false information presented to him by Twitter.

Musk claimed he was misled by Twitter about the amount of spam and bots on the platform.

Finally, Twitter sued Musk for abandoning a deal to buy the company for $44 billion.

Twitter saw massive market losses due to sudden controversy with Musk.

Twitter Edit Button:

Lastly, Twitter launching its much awaited and requested edit button, but faced backlash due to the feature only available to paying audience and not to the free account holders.

Twitter launched edit button for its users, but users have to pay for it, Twitter Blue subscribers will get access to it.

Twitter made it clear that it will not be a free for all feature and you would have to pay for the service.

This move also resulted in heat against the platform, many users tweeted how they were disappointed with the move and others made memes about it.

• The Twitter edit allows edit history to be seen by followers.

Twitter made headlines after it said, we are testing the edit button feature, the feature would soon be introduced on the platform.

Twitter users always put up the demand for an tweet edit button, many asked Elon Musk to introduce the feature when he buy the Twitter Inc.

The edit button would allow users to manipulate their tweets within half-an-hour (30 minutes) of the time they were sent.

“if you see an edited Tweet it's because we're testing the edit button this is happening and you'll be okay”, tweeted from Twitter official handle.

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