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Story: US-China rift; 04-08-2022;

China-Taiwan: China used ballistic missiles in drills.

Story: China-Taiwan rift; 04-08-2022;

China does military drills, put economic sanctions on Taiwan

Which country is with whom?

Data below is based on various Reports from sources.

• Russia in support of China.

• UAE also supported China.

• Pakistan supports “One-China” policy.

• UK does not recognize Taiwan, and haven't commented yet.

• India Not commented yet.

• US supports Taiwan.

UAE says it fully supports the territorial integrity & sovereignty of China & strongly adheres to One China policy in principle One China policy and has concerns over some “provocative” visits. According to reports by sources.

Prior to Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, the Kremlin warned the U.S. over 'provocative' Pelosi visit to Taiwan. TV tower in Moscow lit up with: “China, Russia is with you!” Reportedly.

Taiwan is ready to deal with any 'enemy situation':

• China on the move with its so called "Military Drills" fires several ballistic missiles into the waters around Taiwan.

• Defence ministry of Taiwan released a statement in which it said the Taiwan military will react appropriately to 'enemy situation.'

• Taiwan also said its ‘defence systems were activated’ after Chinese missiles fired into the Taiwan strait.

PLA live-fire drills are sending missiles through Taiwan's airspace and into the sea beyond the island, five landed into Japan’s EEZ zone, which is very close to Taiwan according to Japan's media reports, and unconfirmed social media video.

Earlier Today: In exercises off Taiwan's coast, China will use long range artillery & DF-17 hypersonic missiles for the first time, Global Times reports. It said that missiles will fly over Taiwan for the first time, & Chinese forces will enter areas within 12 n. miles of Taiwan.


China has put some economic pressure on the Taiwan right before Pelosi's visit, and much more has been introduced after the visit, including ban on 35 Taiwanese food exporters.

China on Wednesday suspended exports of natural sand to Taiwan and halted imports of citrus fruit, and fish products like chilled white striped hairtail and frozen horse mackerel from the self-governed island.

China conducting military drills surrounding Taiwan:

China has responded with bustling military drills surrounding the Taiwan territory, in response to US interference, as well as to punish Taiwan indirectly.

China is conducting navy and air force drills on six different zones.

Stock market recover:

Asian stocks recover losses after Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan completed, reversing some of yesterday’s losses as fears over the fallout from her visit to Taiwan appeared to subside slightly.

Japan on alert after Chinese military exercises coordinates released:

China’s planned military exercises near Taiwan may have another target: Japan.

It's a clear warning to Japan, with some of its far-flung southwestern islands sandwiched between planned exercise zones, according to coordinates released by China.

Chinese military drills have encroached Taiwan's territory"- Taipei.

Taiwan's defence ministry held a press conference in which it has accused Beijing of an air and sea blockade.

Accused violation of international law and Taiwan's sovereignty for their live-fire military exercises that will take place in six zones around Taiwan, some of which overlapped with Taiwan's territorial waters.

"The Japanese govt is closely monitoring the security situation".

Nancy departs from Taiwan after chaos fill visit:

The US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is about to depart Taiwan.

China's commerce ministry said exports of natural sand - widely used for construction and in concrete - to Taiwan were suspended from Wednesday. Such a move was based on laws and regulations, the ministry said, without elaborating.

Tensions rise between U.S. and China after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan.

• China's Defense Ministry said Beijing would launch a series of "targeted military operations" to counteract Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.

Here's what Nancy Pelosi, tweet after arriving in Taiwan:

Taiwan Presidential Office’s website was attacked by overseas DDoS:

Taiwan’s Presidential Office just confirmed that at around 17:15 local time, the Presidential Office’s website was hit by an overseas DDoS attack. The attack traffic was 200 times that of a normal day, causing the official website to be down for 20 minutes.

The spokesperson stressed they will continue to strengthen their monitoring to ensure the security and the stable operation of key infrastructure. Reported by various sources.

Taipei 101 was lit up with multilingual welcome, in welcoming Pelosi:

Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan amid heightened US-China tensions;

• Even after warning by China the US president backed visit to Taiwan by US House speaker Nancy Pelosi has happened, both Chinese and US armies are on high alert.

Pelosi Tweeted shortly after landing in the conflicted Taiwan, as China claims the self-governing island as its own province.

Pelosi published a short statement saying the visit is meant to highlight the US’s “unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant Democracy.”

“America’s solidarity with the 23 million people of Taiwan is more important today than ever, as the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy,” she said according to the statement. Reported by Aljazeera.

Update: 17:00 IST, 02-08-22;

• China bans 35 Taiwanese food exporters in warning ahead of Pelosi visit.

• China says it is in communication with U.S. over Pelosi's expected Taiwan visit.

• Kremlin warns U.S. over 'provocative' Pelosi visit to Taiwan.

• US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to visit Taiwan despite stern warnings from Beijing.

Update: 01-08-22;

The US-China rift may rise as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may visit Taiwan on her upcoming Asia tour, the news was conformed by a senior Taiwanese government official and a US official.

Biden's administration officials, have warned about the potential visit as risk of China's response is high in such a visit, and specially when tensions are running high between the two giants.

The Biden administration will support Pelosi on a trip to Taiwan.

The US is moving planes and aircraft carriers closer to Taiwan due to the upcoming visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan - Nikkei Asia. The US Navy has 2 aircraft carrier groups & 2 amphibious assault groups in the region, plus other assets based in #Japan, Hawaii & Guam

Officially, Pelosi will only visit Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan on this trip. But Michael McCaul, Texas Republican and senior member of the House foreign affairs committee, and Democrat Anna Eshoo told US media last week that Pelosi had invited them to Taiwan. Both declined due to a scheduling conflict. According to a report by The Guardian. Pelosi’s trip comes at a time of extreme geopolitical uncertainty in the region.

China reacted:

Beijing, which claims the self-governing island as its own province, has made clear it would see such a move as an unacceptable provocation, and Chinese foreign office official said PLA will "not sit idle" if Nancy Pelosi dares to land in Taiwan.

Minister of Defense of the People's Republic of China: “If anyone dares to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military should not hesitate to start a war, no matter the cost.”

Earlier today, China rapidly deployed heavy military equipment – including Multiple Rocket Launchers, to the coastal area closest to Taiwan. According to various sources.

Reports of moving of military equipments like multiple rocket launcher systems (MLRS) in Fujian province were also surfaced.

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