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Story: Developed vs Developing countries? ; 27-10-2023;

What makes a country fully developed? And another still developing? Is there a fully developed country;

What is a developed country: A developed country can be termed as a country that has achieved high levels of economic development, high standards of living, and well-developed infrastructure.

Other characteristics include high levels of income per capita, human development, and life expectancy.

What is a developing country: A developing country can be termed as a country that is still working towards achieving the same characteristics as a developed country.

That is achieving high levels of, economic development, prosperity, income per capita, human development, and life expectancy, and other aspects.

List of some, well known developing countries:

• China.

• India.

• Türkiye.

• Pakistan.

• Bangladesh.

• Afghanistan.

• Indonesia.

• Palestine.

• Morocco.

• Iraq.

• Syria.

• Libya.

• Lebanon.

• Kazakhstan.

• Iran.

• Egypt.

• Brazil.

• Kenya.

• South Africa.

• Zimbabwe.

• North Korea.

• Sri Lanka.

• Peru.

• Mexico.

• Costa Rica.

• Thailand.

list of some, of the most developed countries:

• Saudi Arabia.

• Bahrain.

• United Arab Emirates.

• Kuwait.

• Oman.

• Qatar.

• Switzerland.

• Spain.

• Singapore.

• Russia.

• New Zealand.

• Japan.

• Hong Kong.

• Germany.

• Canada.

• United States.

• United Kingdom.

What are the main Criteria or Characteristics to distinguish between the two:

• Developed countries tend to have higher levels of industrialisation, simply putting it can do major manufacturing domestically, like transportation, military sector, high quality infrastructure with domestic capabilities, providing of healthcare, high and quality life-style and more.

• Developed nation should be able to produce, technological advanced with futuristic tech, computer science, automobile, aviation, general home appliances alongside many other aspects.

• Healthcare, education, and lifestyle of the residence should be up-to the mark.

Life should be less uncertain, poverty free, and equal rights should also be present in the society.

World Bank's checklist of things a developed country should have:

• GDP per capita (PPP) should be $53,000.

• Literacy rate should be 99%.

• Life expectancy should be 80 years.

• Infrastructure development index needs to be at 0.74.

• Democracy Index should be 80.

Is there any country which is "Fully Developed"?

Some experts think, even though there are some countries which are considered as developed, but even these countries have failed to totally fulfil the 100% mark, or do not justify the tag.

These intellects argue, that following are some of main reasons to why, they call these nations not “fully developed”. Or why they do not justify the tag “developed” altogether.

• Poverty, high levels of violence, uncertainty of future among young generation, political instability, and other basic human prosperity barriers aren't totally irradiated in these countries to date.

• Issues like Global Warming, increased debt (US is struggling against it), lower incomes against heightening global inflation, just like seen in London (UK), New York (US), in recent reports.

• Hateful and targeted attacks in the society (mass shooting, racism, unbalanced policies that distinguish between rich and poor), as seen in recent news reports crimes have only risen, in these developed nations, which is opposite of what “educated society” looks like.

• Incapability to act upon certain international human rights violation due to biased opinion, or self gain policies;

• Global Warming activist can be seen desperate in news now and then. Scientist and scholars warning time and again that enough major steps aren't being taken to control the Global Warming.

• Lifting poor, war-torn nations, from the poverty, helping these nations achieve stability, the developed nations haven't been successful enough, in order to achieve these goals.

Intellects argue that, if a nation is developed, this means it has achieved 99% education criteria, meaning policymakers are well-educated. It knows how to live prosperously, as it has “checked the mark” of having good enough GDP per capita (PPP). Then how come these nations are failing or not being able to speak against or prevent evils in the society.

This leads to one theory that points toward, they aren't fully developed yet, even though they possess the tag “developed.” Poverty in the developed countries like US, UK is not hidden thing as well.

• The rich getting richer, and middle-class and poor are having difficulties to pay monthly bills, plan a retirement in many cases (as seen in US, UK news reports).

Hate crimes, hate speech, based on religion, ethnicity, colour, creed can be experience even in the “developed” countries. So in order to become a fully developed country, in its true sense, all the developing countries and the “developed” countries needs to work more sincerely and decisively.

Or otherwise, the world has “developed” countries, and others are working towards becoming “developed”, not fully developed.


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