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Story: Biplane components all you need to know. ; 09-05-2023;

Biplane and its major components names/functioning? here's what you need to know!

Largest component in a Biplane is its large wings, normally there are two of them and are called upper-aileron and lower-aileron or one can simply call each of them as wing.

Holding both these wings together are components called "struts" which you can find in this picture below, and "cables" are used to hold the structure around them, while Struts also provide resistance to compression and preventing the upper and lower wings collapsing inwards, and wire braces, providing tensile strength.

Image for reference only

Biplane component names:

• Wings (normally two, interconnected via cables. Called upper-aileron and lower-aileron.)

• Struts (Metal components, holds together the wings, and helps in resistance to compression.)

• Cables (hold the wings and structure around them.)

• Engine components.

• Propellers

• Spinner

• Body structure.

• Front and rear landing wheels.

• Fuselage

• Elevators

• Cockpit

Biplane component names with image:

In front of the Biplane one can see Engine components, alongside propellers, spinner and body structure holding them.

The lower end of a Biplane houses landing wheels, with frame holding them.

Back of the plane has fuselage, elevator and rear landing wheels, Elevators, fuselage and yes cockpit.


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