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Story: Palestine-Israel updates;

Latest reports: Palestine-Israel updates, Click Here.

Story: Palestine-Israel updates;

Israel confirms, 312 soldiers died while Gaza incursions: reports.

Update, Tuesday: Palestinian Red Crescent says 26 aid trucks cross into Gaza.

Gaza requires at least 100 relief trucks every day, to support the 2M+ population, currently living under Israeli imposed blockade of water, fuel, electricity, food, and other essential supply: reports.

Hamas says its fighters have confronted Israeli troops, while destroying 6 armoured vehicles, including 3 tanks, on various locations, in the last 24 hours, inside Gaza.

Iranian armed force chief says, "the Zionists have lost on the battlefield and are losing international support."

Iranian General: Zionists' defeat can't be repaired through crimes, According to Baqeri, the Resistance is ready for a ground invasion, and added that they have built over 400km of underground tunnels where they can use motorbikes and vehicles: reported by Almayadeen media network.

• UN says 33 aid trucks crossed into Gaza Sunday.

• The Israeli national airline, El Al Israel Airlines, announced it will avoid using the airspace of Saudi Arabia and Oman for its South Asian flights due to "security concerns," according to Israeli media reports.

Story: Iron Dome;

Israeli Iron Dome air defence system, all you need to know.

Story: Southwest airline chaos due to bad winter weather; 28-12-2022;

5400 flights cancelled in 48 hours by Southwest Airlines in US, chaos due to bad weather conditions.

Story: Russia-Ukraine war effects arm sales worldwide; 06-12-2022;

Global arms sales up 1.9 percent due to Russia-Ukraine war.

Story: Tesla; 25-11-2022;

Tesla lost more than $600 billion in market value: Reports claim.

Tesla has reportedly lost more than $600 billion in market value in the past year.

Story: UK politics ; 20-10-2022;

Liz Truss to resign as UK prime minister.

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