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Story: Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra-2, SE unveiled on AppleEvent. ; 12-09-2023;

Apple Watch 2023 Series 9, Ultra-2, SE all you need to know.

As a tech enthusiastic, the Apple's reveal of Apple Watch 9 is something special. One always wants a futuristic feature on the grasp of hand, and this series 9 watch does just that. Imagine no screen touch require picking a call one can just double tap index finger to the thumb (maybe?) and yep!, you are now answering and cutting calls, just like that.

Here's some of the key features of Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra 2:

3000 nits super bright screen for Ultra-2 watch. and 2000 nits screen on Apple Watch Series 9.

Double-pinch/tap to start a workout or take a photo, take/end call etc.

• It would provide around 36 hours battery life typical use, 72 hour low power mode, on series 9.


The SE model without Cellular would be 249 (with GPS.) and with Cellular capability it would be $299 (with GPS.)

The Ultra-2 model (top model i.e.) would be available in $799 that would be around ₹80,000 in India.

Watch Series 9 would be available with a price tag of $399.

• Apple watch Series 9 has SiP processor with up to 30% faster performance than Series 8.

It has a Larger display with 20% more screen area than Series 8. Up to 36 hours of battery life.

The watches were revealed with enhanced fitness tracking features and a New skin temperature sensor.


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