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Story: Israel is bombing Rafah Gaza; 29-05-2024;

Israeli tanks are seen advancing further into Rafah despite international calls to halt offensive: reports.

Reports online claim that the Israeli tanks have reach centre of Rafah, and that the Israeli PM Benzamin Netanyahu vows to push on with the military campaign to destroy Hamas.

This news came despite Global condemnation and International Court of Justice's order to halt the Rafah offensive. Just a day earlier Israel Military carried out airstrikes on Rafah, 45 civilians were killed in this attack: according to health ministry report published by news platform Aljazeera .

About half of Gaza's population have been living in Rafah. This is the southernmost of Gaza bordering Egypt.

Rafah Massacre: Israeli Bombing killed 45 civilians in "Safe area" in Rafa: latest reports claim.

The Israeli army committed a horrific massacre in North West Rafah which is supposed to be a safe area bombarding and burning tents of displaced Palestinians killing 45 civilians many of whom were burned to death. While many left injured due to the vicious bombing.

The Wafa news agency, citing local sources, says the death toll from Israel attack on the tent camp at Tal as-Sultan area has risen to 45.

• Hamas launches rocket attack towards Tel Aviv area, in response to the attack.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles describes the situation in Gaza as an "authentic genocide." Robles is the only minister from Spain's Socialist Party to have used this term.

Israel's war on besieged Gaza, now in its 219th day, has killed at least 34,971 people — 70 percent of them babies, children and women — and wounded over 78,641.

Israel has launched strikes on eastern Rafah, after it expanded an evacuation order for Rafah, with the United Nations warning an outright invasion of the crowded southern city risked an "epic" disaster. Israel launches strikes on eastern Rafah amid confusion over ceasefire negotiations. Tanks reportedly seen on outskirts of city, UN warns Israel of "epic" disaster.

Story: Palesitne-Israel update day 214; Updated:07-05-2024;

Hamas accepts the ceasefire with Israel.

Israel has launched multiple air strikes on Rafah, this came after Palestinian resistance group Hamas agreed to a truce deal. Jordan has immediately condemned the bombardment. Hamas-Israel ceasefire talks are high, potential ceasefire on the cards as Gazans celebrate the deal accepted by Hamas.

Israel says it will continue to pressure Hamas with its offensive on Rafah: While Israel hasn't put an end to the talks of potential ceasefire with Hamas, but neither agreed to the deal till now.

Israeli PM Netanyahu has said that Israel will send a delegation for talks on ceasefire.

According to a news report by Aljazeera, "Israeli PM Netanyahu’s office says the proposal agreed by Hamas is far from Israel’s demands but the Israeli government will send a delegation to negotiate." " It also says war cabinet decided that Israel will continue its operation on Rafah, with the army announcing striking targets in the city."

Hamas said it is fully prepared to defend Palestinians in response to any Israeli military operation in Rafah, and that a operation in Rafah 'won’t be picnic’: reports. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh says the group has accepted a Gaza ceasefire proposal put on table by Qatar and Egypt. Israel is studying the proposal put up by Qatar and Egypt. Israel hasn't yet agreed to the ceasefire deal.

Hamas accepts the ceasefire with Israel. The deal involves 6 weeks + 6 weeks temporary ceasefire, which is said to be eventually lead to end the war. Complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza is included in the deal. Hostage swap, and replacement of Gazans to their pre-war lands is also in the deal that Hamas has agreed upon. • Gazans are currently celebrating the acceptance of the deal by Hamas.

US pushing Israel to accept the latest deal.

The United States is putting pressure on Israel to get along and accept the deal with Hamas this time. Joe Biden has personally guaranteed the ceasefire: according to some reports;

Israel has ordered 100,000 Gazans taking shelter in Rafah to flee: Thousands of people flee eastern Rafah after Israel orders people to evacuate as fears of a full-blown military assault on the city sheltering more than one million displaced people grow.

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