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Baku, Azerbaijan, an impressive tourist destination. Here's why!

Story: Baku city centre; 03-17-2024;

Baku city centre is a great looking blend of history and modernity.

The stunning historical architecture stands shoulder-to-shoulder with sleek, modern buildings.

While vast variety of food, items to shop to bring back with you, and the peaceful environment stuffed with greenary, water fountains, makes the city centre a popular tourist spot.

Baku's city centre:

The big clean walkways of the Baku's city centre, is delight for the tourists, who visit it to explore different culture, people, styles coming together and exploring the architecture, and local markets.

• Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, a city with a population of more than 2.2 Million+ people.

• Nizaami street is a popular area within the city center.

Tourists flock to the city center for delightful food from around the world, Shop for luxury items or unique souvenirs.

The city center's cleanliness and top-notch security ensure a worry-free experience.

Tourists to Baku's city centre can enjoy, history as they can explore the magnificent buildings surrounding them, while modern architecture mixed with it, creating unique and lasting memories.

Shopaholics can indulge in shopping, while foodies can embark on a delighful adventure, Explore a vibrant mix of international cuisines. Tourist can also enjoy the iconic Indian Biryani – a fragrant dish of chicken (or other options) cooked and layered with rice.

• The city centre has quick and tasty fast-food options as well, with many food trucks lining the street.

Baku's city center captivates with its unique blend of history and modern life, no wonder Baku's city center is a magnet for tourists!

Türkiye's resemblance:

Majorly the brands you'd find here are Turkish, due to obvious reasons of the close ties between Azerbaijan and Türkiye, both the countries share almost same culture, religion, and are basically from the same ethnicity.

One can feel relaxed with a little stroll, away from the hustle-bustle of the traffic, pressure of work environment or any such burden.

Parks, greenery, fountains, are all there to help you attain the inner peace while providing you with the necessary healthy environment. Overall, Baku is a delight for the peace seekers out there, in my opinion.

Public transportation? :

Different means of public transportation are available within just a few minutes of walk, like metro, taxis.

Bonus, If you are from India, Pakistan or if you speak or know "Urdu" a little, you could very well be surprised by a native Azer speaking to you in Urdu telling you, “you are welcome!”

Here are some of the must-visit tourist spots in Baku.

Icherisheher (Old City):

The Old City is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Icherisheher is a walled city with over 1,000 years of history. Here You can explore, ancient mosques, narrow cobblestone streets, historical museums, shops etc.

Flame Towers:

Soaring above Baku's skyline, the Flame Towers are a trio of modern megastructures that have become the city's iconic landmark.

More than just skyscrapers, the towers symbolically represent Azerbaijan. The towers are linked to the ancient description of the country, the land of fire. It also reflect the power of the oil rich country.

LED screens on the facade put a vibrant show at night with dazzling light shows and animation, transforming the cityscape into a mesmerizing spectacle.

Baku Boulevard:

This scenic seaside promenade is a popular spot for locals and tourists, here you can Stroll along the Caspian Sea, enjoy the views, visit cafes and restaurants, or take a ride on the Baku Ferris Wheel also known as Baku Eye.

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