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Story: Twitter look alike social media app, Bluesky backed by Jack Dorsey. ; 08-05-2023;

Jack Dorsey's Bluesky? A perfect Twitter alternative or just another “wanna be,” here's what you need to know.

Bluesky is built on decentralized AT (Authenticated Transport) protocol infrastructure, and has a bright future ahead of it as Twitter seems to fade off with its glitches and bad experiments.

The Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is back in the business, this time with his “Twitter look alike” social media app, Bluesky. The app has an interesting background story, as it was emerged as a side project from Twitter in 2019, aimed at creating a decentralized social media framework.

Is Bluesky available on Play store and Apple store?:

Yes, Bluesky has both an Android app, and iOS app, which came out in late February. If you want to join the service, then there's a waitlist option and a “get an invite code from a friend” option.

The app is currently running on beta version, and has more then 50k+ accounts (which is rapidly growing), the app was released in February 2023, and it took off from Twitter in 2022 making it an alternate platform altogether.

The app is going viral as the app has been downloaded more than 300k times, and the invite code even being sold at various online platform according to the sources. Apart from this, the app has been making headlines in almost every news providing platform.

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How the app looks, feel and plays?

The Bluesky app was developed by Twitter as an independent project in past, so ya it looks quite like the Twitter, that we are used to of. The app though has new algorithm and moderation transparency system making it unique from the later, the app has ability to change the moderation and algorithm(s) for user specific profile feed.

Bluesky wants to revitalize social media as a trusted public square by focusing on creating a platform that is trustworthy, scalable, and portable. Key innovations include algorithm and moderation transparency — and the ability to change the moderation and algorithm(s) used on your personal profile feed.

• Just like Twitter a user can create a post of 256 characters limit.

More features:

• Options like upload photos, reply, retweet, like are available and yes one can report a user as well. The app users get handle (ex.: @dedaandsons), displayed name alongside other basic social media interface options.

• You can do things like search, follow, see updates. There’s also a “What’s Hot” timeline, which surfaces engaging posts.

Downside or cons:

Bluesky is a decentralized social media app with a small community currently, that means you and I just cannot go on the platform and start using it right away.

It being decentralized makes it fall into the category of apps like Mastodon, where one has to pick a specific server/genre to create an account in. This in my opinion limits what one can see, achieve with a social media all with just one profile. One just simply cannot explore other servers or community apart from the one he/she chooses to create an account in with that same account.


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