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• NOTE: This page provides dates according to Sunni (Hanafi) beliefs. And calculates time based on University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi, calculation methods.

• NOTE: Calculation of "Namaz timing, and other timing like Sadiq and Midnight" may not be accurate with your local mosque timing or government authority. Their timings are likely tuned or adjusted.

Namaz Timing in Islam:

• The timings of the five daily prayers in Islam, that is called namaz or salat, are determined by the movement of the sun.

• This page is calculating times based on Sunni Hanafi belief and the calculation is based on University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi, method of calculation.

On this page you can find Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha Namaz time, in your city, and local area. Just type your city in the input box and country if you live in other country than India, You can also find Sunrise time, Midnight time, and Sadiq time on this page with ease.

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