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Story: Dubai residents can host family-friends with visit visa for just Dh1,000, for 90 days; 23-02-2023;

Dubai residents can host their friends or family in the country with a 3-month visit visa now, by a deposit of Dh1,000 which is refundable.

Dubai residents who want to host their friends or family in the country can now get a 3-month visit visa. The host is required to pay a refundable deposit of Dh1,000 for this visa.

UAE: 90-day visit visa now available for Dubai residents' family and friends, with UAE government introducing the new advanced Visa System.

In October 2022, sweeping reforms were made to entry visas in the UAE as part of the Advanced Visa System. It introduced one of the largest residency and entry permit reforms in the UAE to date.

As part of the advanced visa services, an array of new entry permits was introduced. Some of them included a job exploration entry visa, one for business entry, a five-year multi-entry tourist visa, one to seek medical treatment, for temporary work, and for studies and training.

Last week, UAE's Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) announced the implementation of a new package of updates to improve the services provided to citizens, residents, and visitors through its smart services system.

The ICA has adopted a list of 15 services that were updated in its smart services system as of February 1, 2023.

How to apply:

The individuals must apply online on the GDRFA website.

On the GDRFA website, users can also apply for entry permits for business or job opportunities, entry permits for those awaiting their Green Visas, as well as a patient escort permit, among others.

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