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Story: Data related to the mobile use report, on App and mobile (internet activities) in year 2022; 22-02-2023;

How much time, money we invested in the world of Apps and Internet in 2022?

App and mobile (internet related activity) growth in 2022?:

The average screen time people globally have is 6 hours 58 minutes per day. This means humans are spending much of their lifetime watching a flat (sometimes curved) screen, and on those screen “obviously” they are seeing apps, and doing internet related activities (most of the time.)

Daily screen time has increased by nearly 50 minutes per day since 2013.

How many mobile devices are there?:

In 2023, the number of global smartphone users is estimated at 6.8 billion, marking a 4.2% annual increase. That is 86.5% more users than in 2016, or 3.2 billion more, in other terms.

Here are the statics of the growing app market and the smartphone uses:

New App Downloads:

• New application download from various app store has increased by 11 percent (YoY growth), that is 255 B app downloads in a single year. The data represents the apps download from iOS, Google Play, and Third-Party Android in China.

• According to a data report published by 485,000 apps downloaded per minute in 2022.

App Store spending:

• App Store spending in year 2022 was $167 billion, which was surprisingly a negative growth of -2% (YoY growth.) This represented the first fall in mobile app spending since the market emerged in 2007.

• App users (smartphone users) around the world spent $318,000 per minute in 2022 over app store purchase.

Daily Time Spent Per User :

People around the world spent 5 hours per day on the apps (screen). That is +3% (YoY growth), users spent 1/3 of their daily working hours on apps.

• Users spent a total of 4.1 Trillion hours combined in the entire year. That is 11.2 Billion hours collectively per day in 2022.

Mobile Ad Spend:

• A total of $336 Billion were spent on mobile advertisement. Mobile ad spend saw 14% (YoY growth.)

• Globally, brands assigned $336 billion of ad spend to the app market.

Ad spent by Advertisers Globally:

Global advertisers spent $336 billion on in-app ads, in 2022. Advertisers spent more than twice as much as they did in 2018, which was $155 billion.

It is expected the global mobile ad spend might hit $362 billion in 2023.

Some other notable highlights in the mobile and app market:

Users in Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and South Korea passed 5 hours per day in mobile apps in 2022.

Mobile advertising continues to be the domain of the smartphone app. In attention terms, the mobile web browser accounted for just 8% of time spent.

Consumers spent nearly 110 billion Hours in shopping apps in 2022.


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