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Story: Lebanon Electric Car; 20-3-2021;

Lebanon launches Country's first ever electric car, brings hope!

• Lebanon's first ever EV lauched despite historic economy crisis and insufficient power generation issues.

First ever EV manufacturer in Lebanon:

25th April 2021, Lebanon launches its first electric vehicle despite being on the verge of historic economy crisis and Worst automobile sales recorded. Despite Such economic and power generation crises a lebanese automotive company "EV Electra" decided to launch country's first ever electric vehicle instead. Heavy Power cuts and worst automobile sales figures are least concern of this start-up of Palestinian-Lebanese Businessman Mr. Jihad Mohammad CEO of EV Electra in Lebanon. EV Electra is the first EV electric automotive manufacturer in Lebanon and the Arab World. The company started as a division of “Jihad Mohammad Investment” to become an independent entity based in Lebanon with offices in Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, and Norway with a global presence vision.

Launch of Quds Rise:

While sharing his feelings on the launch of the company’s and Lebanon’s first ever Electric Vehicle he said It’s a feeling of having a child after ten years of marriage, the same amount of happiness he said he was experiencing, at the launch he said. He goes on to say, "It’s the first automobile to be made locally.” It was built in Lebanon “from start to finish”, he added. The EV was unveiled in a parking lot in south of Beirut. Jihad Mohammad says his long-term goal is to compete on the international market for hybrid and electric cars, as well as to make sales in Lebanon. Jihad Mohammad said he hopes to produce 10,000 vehicles by next year which would start soon this year. Jihad Mohammad established the company four years ago, with employing Lebanese and Palestinian engineers and local workers, around 300 members team pulled this huge challenge off. This Is the first time the Mediterranean country has manufactured an automobile. The red sports car with “Al-Aqsa Dome of the rock” Inspired front grill which is Gold colored. Electric Vehicle is names “Quds Rise” or “Jerusalem Rise” the Rise reaches 180 km an hour and goes on sale in Lebanon and Europe in late 2021, pending certification. The Electric Sports car roughly cost around 30,000$ (dollars).

Lebanon crises of Power generarions & Economic slump:

Lebanon relies upon fossil fuels heavily to meet it’s Power demands, which is already insufficient for around 6 Million Lebanese peoples. The company is planning to set up charging stations around the country, Mr. Jihad Mohammad said that they ate planning to set up as much as 100 charging stations, and that they are planning to set up these stations at secure locations. Remind you that Lebanon is witnessing historic economic slump while imported car sales are at record low. But this initiative has definitely put a positive vibe around such hard times.

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