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Story: Google Pixel Fold 2023 ; 11-05-2023;

Google Pixel Fold all you need to know, about beautiful "horizontal fold-unfold." A unique and good looking device priced at $1,800.

The leaked images of Google Pixel Fold shows beautiful design language, with unique horizontal folding-unfolding mechanism.

Pixel Fold has a inner foldable display of 7.7-inch, which makes it a proper mini-tablet.

Rumoured Pixel Fold Specs:

• The phone has a 5.8-inch front screen.

• The Phone has a curved edges design.

• Google Pixel Fold has a Punch Hole (•) display.

Image for reference only



• The phone comes with a high price tag of $1,800 which is around ₹147,601 at the time of writing this piece.

• The phone has two colour options to pick from, one model in obsidian (black) and one in chalk (white). Color availability varies by region and channel.

Google Fold is way too expensive for a average buyer, while the phone requires immense care as it is not dust protected (Water protected though).

It will be interesting to see how Google, will carry its competiton to Samsung's Fold, and go with its own entry fold device in future. The other players in the race are Oppo with its Find N2, and Xiaomi with its Fold 2, while Samsung's folding devices dominating the majority of the market currently.


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