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Story: Pokhran Fort; 15-06-2022;

Pokhran Fort in the heart of the Thar Desert, in Rajasthan.

• Pokhran Fort is located at the rural area of the Thar Desert, and is 2 km from Pokaran Station.

• Pokhran Fort is built with yellow sandstone which is available in rich quantities in the region.

• Pokhran is a village located, outside of Jaisalmer city in the Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan, India.

• It is a remote location in the Thar Desert region, and is famous for its use as test site for India's first underground nuclear weapon, ballistic missiles, and for Pokhran Fort as well.

Pokhran Fort:

• The yellow sandstone Fort is over four centuries old and was constructed by Marwar Thakur (local chieftain) Rao Maldeo, who was the ruler of champawats, the clan of Rathores of the state of Marwar-Jodhpur. Maldeo reigned from 1532 to 1584.

• Pokhran Fort is also known as Balagarh Fort, was constructed in the 14th century.

• Built on the remains of an earlier Fort called satalmer Fort. The pokhran For is well stocked with wells, grain stores and has a wonderful dining hall constructed in the second half of 19th century.

• The wooden doors at the gateway were lifted with lethal iron spikes to guard against the elephant charge in case of an enemy assault onslaught.

• The Fort has a museum showcasing the paintings, weaponry, and costumes that were worn by the kings who ruled the region.

• The Fort consists of large pillars, jharokhas, chattris, and domes showcasing the mixture or blends of two different architectures.

• The fort has small mahals inside of it like Rani Mahal, Hawa Mahal, and Phool Mahal. There is also a Library with a grand collection of books including journals, classics, documentaries, etc.

• The interiors of the fort showcases mostly the Mughal architecture style, which includes arches, large pillars carved beautifully.

• The Pokhran Fort nowadays serves as a heritage hotel with some of its rooms transformed for guests to stay.

• These rooms have a mixture of tradition and modern decoration that consists of heavy wooden doors, ceilings made of carved woods, marble flooring, antique furniture, and modern bathrooms for visitors.


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