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Story: Azerbaijan natural gas export 2023; 22-02-2024;

Azerbaijan exported 23.8 billion cubic meter of natural gas in 2023, half of which went to Europe.

Azerbaijan sold 11.8 billion cubic meter of its natural gas to Europen countries in 2023 alone.

In the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war the European energy supply has got hit hard.

That is 50% of its natural gas, in total Azerbaijan exported 23.8 Billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Azerbaijan has proven 2.6 Trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves.

Azerbaijan's major pipelines connecting Europe:

The oil and natural gas rich country has 3 major pipelines connecting its resources to European countries like Georgia, with South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP). The other major pipeline includes Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP), which goes through Turkiye and lastly Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) which goes through Greece, Albania and finally to Italy.

Story: Pakistan; 07-02-2024;

Pakistan approves plan to sell Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airline, just ahead of general elections.

The Pakistan government run airline PIA, is running in loss for a long time now, the airline has liabilities of $2.8 billion. The airline also has accumulated losses of $2.55 billion as of June last year, according to some reports online.

Pakistan's caretaker government approved a plan for selling PIA on Tuesday, days after the country's election panel directed it to refrain from making any final deal.

Story: Russia GDP; 14-01-2024;

Russia GDP on a PPP basis grows to $5 trillion, surpasses Germany.

What is PPP?

PPP stands for purchasing power parity. In simple terms with the ppp economist calculates, the cost of same thing (goods, services) in different countries, and decide how much money needed in different countries to buy the same thing, with using a common currency, like dollar.

This can be further understood with “Big Mac Index” rule.

If $1 (US) is equal to 87.96 Russian Ruble, in Nominal exchange rate.

And if one Big Mac costs $1 in America, and the same Big Mac is available for 86 Russian Ruble in Russia, this would mean Russian consumers have to spend less to purchase the same thing. This means Russia have a good PPP.

According to the IMF estimates for 2023, Russia ranks sixth in the world in terms of PPP GDP, just behind China, USA, India, and Japan in PPP, economic evaluation.

In the PPP terms, Russia has overtaken Germany, to become the fifth-wealthiest economy in the world and the largest in Europe, worth more than $5 trillion.

Russia has been in a war since almost 2 years now with Ukraine, and has faced barrage of western sanctions all throughout these years. The growth is remarkable as its counterpart the Europe has slide into recession ever since.

The IMF has predicted a growth rate of around 2% for Russia.

Russia's Nominal GDP is around 2 Trillion.

Some economists and reports suggest that Russia’s nominal GDP is around $2 trillion. While according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates, in 2023 the Russian GDP was calculated at $1.7 Trillion.

Story: BRICS v NATO?; 16-12-2023;

BRICS planning to expending the alliance significantly, is this the forces against western alliance NATO, led by the US.

The world is getting polarized day by day and two coalition are beginning to take shape, something big is happening as it never happened before, like regional wars, the rapid expansion in NATO, BRICS, etc. Two superpowers are looking very keen to compete for the geopolitical supremacy, it sure looks like.

BREAKING: Russia may use its special rights as the host country to approve Pakistan's bid to join the BRICS union, in April, 2024.

The news has surfaced online stating "Pakistan likely to join BRICS in its next summit in Kazan, with the help of Russia."

Earlier in Auguest the news came that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, all agreed to invite Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to become full members of BRICS.

The news stated: "BRICS to expend its members in 2024, 6 nations invited including Saudi Arabia and UAE." If all 6 of these countries including big players like Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, decide to become members of BRICS, this would make the already stron alliance, way more dominating in the world politics. As, Saudi, Iran and Russia together, controls majority of the world crude oil supply, and are part of OPEC+. If they accept, they will become members from January 2024.

Some key changes in global dynamics if BRICS expend successfully next year:

• New composition of BRICS will control 80% of world oil production.

• If the invited countries join the BRICS, it will amount to 30% of world GDP and exceed $30 trillion, according to various reports.

Why is this big?

In the past two years, US and Russia, have come face to face quite a few times now, as war in Ukraine has led to many speculations earlier.

The latest Israeli aggression in Gaza (Palestine's part which is under siege of Israel, since last 17 years or so), has led to further polarization of the world, as Russia, China, and the majority of the world powers sided with Gaza and voiced against US, and Israel specifically.

Story:China; 07-11-2023;

China has become the world’s largest debt collector: reports.

Countries owe China over $1 trillion, under Belt and Road project, China has been funding financially distressed countries, who are also happens to be a part of its Belt and Road initiative. This has led Beijing to become the world’s largest debt collector: reports.

Countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and some African countries owe a lot of money to China and are working together, under the initiative.

China's Belt and Road is a massive infrastructure project, which involves making of roads, ports, railroads etc, China provides billions of dollars to countries all over the world for the project, and for other developments as well.

Some see the project with suspicion, and consider it to be a deadly debt trap.

Sri-Lanka has already failed to pay the debt back, which it used to build the Hambantota port, and in result had to give away it for a 99 years Lease, in 2017.

Story: Saudi Arabia- Turkish; 06-03-2023;

Saudi Arabia to deposit $5B in Turkish Central Bank to support the failing Turkish economy, in December.

• Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with Turkey to deposit $5 billion in the country’s central bank through the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), the fund said on Monday.

• Saudi Minister of Finance Mohammed Bin Abdullah al-Jadaan announced his country’s intention to make the deposit in December.

Story: US-TikTok potential ban; 16-03-2023;

Biden wants TikTok's Chinese owners sale off their share or face US ban!

New Zealand bans TikTok from the parliamentary network?

The short video-based social network, TikTok, has come across worst of its days in western countries, as first Biden administration threatened the app ban in US and now the latest, New Zealand slaps a ban on it.

New Zealand's concerns over cybersecurity relating to TikTok have seen the app kicked off of all devices connected to the company's parliamentary network.

This comes just a day after the U.K. also confirmed that TikTok was banned from all government devices. It's also a day after TikTok confirmed that the United States had threatened to kick the app out of the country if it continues its Chinese ownership.

Reuters reported, that TikTok is no longer welcome on New Zealand's parliamentary network.

"Parliamentary Service Chief Executive Rafael Gonzalez-Montero said in an email to Reuters that the decision was taken after advice from cybersecurity experts and discussions within government and with other countries," the report says. "Based on this information, the Service has determined that the risks are not acceptable in the current New Zealand Parliamentary environment,” Gonzalez-Montero said.

However, just like in the U.K., special arrangements are to be made for people who have to access TikTok for work - likely those who control the government's TikTok accounts, for example.

Story: Saudi-Ukraine; 27-02-2023;

Saudi Arabia announces $400 million in aid to Ukraine, amid Oil production rift with the US.

• Saudi Arabia delivers humanitarian aid to Ukraine of $400 million: Saudi foreign ministry.

Saudi Arabia signed an agreement and a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ukraine, providing the war-torn country with $400 million in humanitarian aid during a high-level delegation’s visit to Kyiv, the Saudi foreign ministry says.

 China-Saudi  Bilateral Relationship

Story: China-Saudi Arabia; 28-11-2022;

A look at the China-Saudi Relationship.

Azerbaijan and Armenia  border clashes 2022.

Story: Azerbaijan and Armenia border clashes 2022 kills 49 ; 13-09-2022;

Azerbaijan and Armenia are going at it again, Deadly border clashes, first since 2020 war.

US-Iran rift over Iran's nuclear program.

Story:US-Iran ; 07-14-2022;

Joe Biden says: We will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear power!

The United States President on his middle-east tour, in Israel, said in a statement that “We will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear power”.

The statement says that the US will use “all elements of national power” available to it to deny Iran the ability to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

US President Joe Biden and Israel's Prime Minister Yair Lapid have yet again agreed and passed a joint anti-Iran position, committing to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Iran reacted to US-Israel commitment on prevention of Iran's Nuclear capabilities:

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi reacted to the joint stand of US-Israel, saying it will have a "harsh response" to any mistake committed by Washington or its allies.

Raisi blamed the US and “its regional allies” for stoking instability in the region, state-run IRNA news agency reported.

“The great nation of Iran will not accept any insecurity or crisis in the region and Washington and its allies should know that any mistake will be met by a harsh and regrettable response from Iran,” Raisi said during a speech, according to the Reuters news agency.

Lapid warned that “words” and “diplomacy” were not enough to thwart Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions.

“The only thing that will stop Iran is knowing that if they continue to develop their nuclear programme, the free world will use force,” he said.

As per Al Jazeera reported.

Human-rights  Geneva Conventions of 1949

Story: Geneva Conventions of 1949; 22-05-2022;

Summary of the Geneva Conventions of 1949;

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