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Palestine, Gaza-Israel Updates till the day 116.

Story: Palestine-Israel update day 116; Updated:31-01-2024;

• Qatar says, talks for a temporary truce are going on, between Hamas and Israel.

ICJ have ordered Israel to take steps to limit killings and acts of genocide in Gaza and to allow in humanitarian aid, but the court did not insist on a ceasefire.

South Africa proved that there may be some evidence of genocide in Gaza. ICJ denied dismissal of genocide case against Israel.

Judges at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) have ordered Israel to take steps to limit killings and acts of genocide in Gaza and to allow in humanitarian aid.

15 to 2 of ICJ judges call on Israel to refrain from genocidal acts in accordance with article 2 of Genocide Convention

The court did not insist on a ceasefire.

Houthis-US conflict in red sea:

US CENTCOM says #Yemen’s #Houthis have fired an anti-ship ballistic missile toward USS Carney (DDG 64), according to a statement.

US-UK coalition - Houthis, strikes each other in the Red Sea.

A vessel was reportedly hit by a missile southeast of the Yemeni port city of Aden, a British maritime information source said.

Yemen’s Houthis have targeted US owned vessels in the Red Sea, which did some degree of damage to the ship. But remain functional, according to US media. Houthis also targeted US navy that was intercepted by a US air force. Reports, say Houthis targeted with ballistic missiles.

US coalition also attacked Houthis targets in the Yemen, US-UK officials said the strikes have destroyed the desired targets. The Houthis have said, the number of their military officers killed in US-UK airstrikes has risen to 6.

Highlights of the war till Day 100.

26,000+ killed in Gaza, by Israel bombing and invasion.
South Africa took Israel to International court, on charges of Genocide in Gaza.
Gaza: the Israeli aggression on Gaza is continued and Israel says it looks to stretch the war year long.
Numbers of Israeli soldiers killed since 7 October: 1000+ according to various reports.
100s of Armed vehicles, including merkava tanks, belonging to Israeli army has been neutralized by Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza: reports.

• Palestinians face increased Israeli aggression in all parts of occupied territories, with increased violence, captives numbers, according to reports;

Senior Hezbollah leader, Wissam al-Hassan, killed in Israeli strike in southern Lebanon.

Story: Palestine-Israel update day 94; Updated: 08-01-2024;

Hamas deputy chief Saleh Arouri killed in an Israeli drone attack, in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Hamas top leader Saleh Arouri was assassinated today in an Israeli drone attack, the attack took place at a Hamas office in the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Arouri was one of the founding member of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing, he was born in 1966 in the West Bank town of Aroura.

Iran says assassination of Hamas deputy chief Arouri in Beirut is violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty, urges UN to take ‘urgent, effective response.’

Lebanon will file urgent complaint with UN Security Council against Israel over Beirut attack, Prime Minister Najib Mikati says: reports.

Israel denied assassinating of Saleh al-Arouri, US officials told Washington Post that Israel is behind the assassination of Saleh.

Story: Palestine-Israel update day 75; Updated: 20-12-2023;

Israel might have to opt for another ceasefire with Hamas, as talks between Qatar, Israel, US, and other parties are going rapidly close to another cessation according to various report.

Earlier US also said “way too many Palestinians have been killed”, and that “Israel should disclose its military goals and ambitions in Gaza”.

The catastrophic war on Gaza has entered 75 day, and reports say more than 26,000 Gazans have been killed in Israeli bombing and ground invasion.

While Israel has also suffered allot, as reports claim it has taken heavy military toll, in terms of number of soldiers killed, wounded, and number of its military equipment, war machines destroyed by resistance forces in Gaza, and Lebanon border areas.

Reports claim around 2000+ soldiers have been killed and wounded. With 100s of military equipments like tanks, arm'd vehicles and military infrastructure has been destroyed partially or entirely. Though Israel hasen't given a official word on how much it has suffered in Gaza and conflict around borders with Lebanon.

Houthi vs US led coalition?

If the US gets more involved, the Houthis “will not stand idly by and will target them and their battleships and interests with missiles,” al-Houthi said.

Yemen's Houthis are also giving big blows to Israel in terms of economic loss, and causing disturbance in the goods supply chain. Yemen's Houthi group has been responsible for putting blockade in the sea.

In response to Houthi attacks on commercial ships, belonging to Israel or going to Israel via Bab-al-mandab strait, in the red sea, the US has announced a maritime protection force, with some NATO mambers, to protect these ships from Houthi attacks, and provide safe passege through the strait.

Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels are stepping up their strikes on ships in the Red Sea, Houthi say they are attacking ships crossing strait (control by their naval forces) in revenge against Israel for its military campaign in Gaza.

Houthi leader Sayed Abdel-Malek al-Houthi says they will not stop attacks on ships in the Red Sea, despite the US's coalision presence, and would attack anyone who interfare or targeted Yemen in the blockade, and fire missiles at US warships.

In a televised speech, al-Houthi also warned other countries not to get involved in the US-led multinational naval operation launched this week. Houthi warned against attacks on their ships as well.

US President Biden says Israel is starting to lose support because of its relentless bombing of Gaza: reported.

20,000+ Palestinians killed in 66 days in Gaza, due to insane bombing and invasion by Israel.

US approve tank shell to Israel, as it veto ceasefire in Gaza in UN.
Southern part of Gaza heavily being bombarded by Israel.
Numbers of Israeli soldiers killed since 7 October: 500+ according to various reports.
100s of Armed vehicles, including merkava tanks, belonging to Israeli army has been neutralized by Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza: reports.

US concerned about the cost of missiles used against Houthi drones, according to data, the country has mounting debt in trillions of dollars.

• According to US officials, the US has used SM-2 missiles worth $2.1 million to intercept a Yemeni drone worth $2000. The US has intercepted 38 flying objects so far.

• North and Southern part of Gaza heavily bombarded by Israel. US vice-president Kamala Harris, say way too many Palestinians have been killed by Israel, after US veto ceasefire in Gaza in UN.

26,000+ killed in Gaza, including 10,000+ children: reports.
Intense fighting in North and Southern part of Gaza going on, amid relentless Israeli bombardment causing tragic civilian casualties: reports.
Numbers of Israeli soldiers killed or wounded since 7 October, is around 2000+ according to various reports.
100s of Armed vehicles, including merkava tanks, belonging to Israeli army has been neutralized by Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza: reports.

Heavy fighting in southern part of Gaza is taking place between Gaza resistance (including Hamas) and Israel since last week. Resistance and Israel have been releasing battle footage on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). While relentless Israeli bombing to the “safe places” in southern part of Gaza are showing the massive damage and catastrophic results to the innocent lives in Gaza.

All innocent lives including kids, women are being targetted without a hold, pressure from top political faces. US just a day earlier veto'd the ceasefire call in the UN, that had a support of almost all the members. US also allowed the tank shell to Israel with an emergency status.

• Israel is bombing the South of Gaza Strip, and has killed thousands of Palestinians in just 4 days, according to various reports.

Talks of another truce between Hamas-Israel on the table, in Qatar. Limited amount of aid trucks reached Gaza after truce, fears grow as intense bombing started after truce ended.

Mossad, the Israeli secret agency, officials are reported to be present in Qatar and are negotiating another ceasefire possibility.

Reports claim Israel using AI to determine the targets in Gaza. Many believe that shocking, as machines are being used to select and kill humans.

Hamas-Israel truce ends, Israeli bombing resume in Gaza. | 70+ killed in Gaza since morning of December 01.


• 70+ killed in Gaza since morning of December 1, according to officials.

• Hamas says its armed wing Qassam Brigades, attacked the cities of Ashkelon, Sderot and Beersheba in southern Israel with rocket barrages.

• Israeli government officials says, 137 people still held captive in Gaza.

• Israel has detained at least 3,400 Palestinians since 7 October, majority of them from occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society.

Health officials in Gaza say dozens of Palestinians killed in latest Israeli attacks on Gaza. At least five Palestinians were reported killed and several others injured. This came as a temporary 7-day truce ended last night.

• Reports of Israeli army dropping leaflets telling people to evacuate parts of southern Gaza, which already has been previously bombarded. After forceful displacement of Gazan's from North of the enclave, Israeli army seems to be doing same to the Southern part of the strip.

Story: Palestine-Israel updates, Day 55; Updated: 30-11-2023;

Hamas and Israel agreed on extending truce by one day, this takes the temporary truce to 7 days.

• Hamas-Israel agree to extend truce by further 1 day, taking the ceasefire to total 7 days.

Will temporary truce between Hamas-Israel will be converted into a stop of war?

• It is likely that the two parties may take preventive measures and put a hold to the war, with taking the temporary truce to a longer period. As both Hamas and Israel are seen willing to release the captives held in Gaza and Israel releasing the Palestinians held captive in Israeli jails.

15,000+ Palestinians killed in 55 days: reports.

Hamas has released the 6th batch of captives held in Gaza, since 7 October. Hamas also said 3 of the captives in Gaza were killed in the Israeli bombing of the enclave. While reports also claim that Israel has said no to taking the bodies of killed Israelis.

Reports of the negotiations over the truce have surfaced in recent days, which said. Discussions are being held in Qatar, between Hamas and Israel and other parties like, heads of the US, Egyptian government as well as Israeli intelligence agencies are continuously in talks.

Story: Palestine-Israel update day 53; Updated: 29-11-2023;

Qatari, Egyptian officials are meeting with the heads of the US and Israeli intelligence agencies in Doha for talks over ceasefire.

Update: 27-11-2023;

Earlier: Hamas-Israel had agreed on extending the ongoing truce by further, two days, Qatar confirms.

Second batch of captives in Gaza were released, as 3rd day of temorary ceasefire starts.

• Around 15,000+ Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombardment and, ground invasion, since 7th of October.

• More than 10,000 , Palestinians are held captive in Israeli Jails. Israel has arrested 4,000 labourers from Gaza and more than 1,000 people in the occupied West Bank, after 7 October, Palestinian officials say.

Most of the people from Gaza are being held at a military base called Sde Teyman, near Beer al-Sabe (Be’er Sheva) in the southern Naqab desert, according to reports online.

A truce between Israel and Hamas will begin at 7 a.m. local time on Friday: Qatar announced.

Qatar has made a statement regarding the 4 day truce it helped establishing between, Hamas-Israel, according to the statement the truce will begin at 7 a.m. local time on Friday, and civilian hostages will be released at 4 p.m. local time.

Story: Palestine-Israel; Updated: 19-11-2023;

• Israel investigation found its own military helicopter opened fire at the Israeli settlers, partying, on 7th October. This was done in order to eliminate Hamas fighters who were in the crowd and were not being identified, and the gunman on the Israeli military helicopter deliberately fired at the settlers: reports.

14,150 Palestinians killed in 48 days | 4 day truce to go in effect on Friday, 7.00AM local time (05:00 GMT.)

The Qatar brokered 4 day (temporary) ceasefire is set to begin from Friday onwards, with first batch of captives release from Gaza to take place on the same day.

This ceasefire is being seen as a partial victory for the Hamas, as 150 Palestinians will be freed from Israeli prison and much needed food, water, fuel, and other humanitarian aid will enter the enclave without any exception. On top this huge relief, another strategical advantage for Hamas will be the stop of military activity of Israel both from air and land, as well as no bombing will be allowed to Israel during this 4 day halt.

Hamas (resistance group in Gaza) launched a surprise attack from air, land, and sea in Israel, on 7 of October. In response to Israeli provocations and storming of Al-Aqsa mosque, killing and raiding of Palestinians in west bank, and to keep the resistance going. This led to Israel declaring war against Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza Strip are living under total Israeli control, and siege, since around last 17 years.

Palestine has been under Israel occupation since 1948.

Palestine-Israel updates, Day 47 | Four day Ceasefire in Gaza brokered by mediation from Qatar, Egypt.

Gaza-Israel truce top heighlights- stop on bombardment, military movemenet and fuel to be allowed in Gaza to enter alongside water, food, medicines.

Palestinian death toll passes 13,500+, including at least 5,500 children, 3,500 women: reports.

• Israel confirms the truce with Hamas: Israeli media reports.

Hamas released its official statement following the truce, here we've put the statement which was published on X (formarly known as Twitter.)

“Based on our responsibility towards our patient and steadfast Palestinian people, and our tireless endeavor to strengthen the steadfastness of our heroic people in our proud Gaza, to provide relief and heal their wounds, and to consolidate the will of our victorious resistance on the seventh of October in the face of the Zionist enemy.

After difficult and complex negotiations for many days, we announce, with the help and success of God Almighty, that we have reached a humanitarian truce agreement (temporary ceasefire) for a period of four days, thanks to persistent and appreciated Qatari and Egyptian efforts.

Accordingly the terms set out are:

• A ceasefire on both sides, a cessation of all military actions by occupation forces in all areas of the Gaza Strip, and a cessation of the movement of its military vehicles penetrating into the Gaza Strip.

• The entry of hundreds of trucks of humanitarian, relief, medical and fuel aid into all areas of the Gaza Strip, without exception, in the north and south.

• The release of 50 women and children of the occupation’s detainees, all under the age of 19 years, in exchange for the release of 150 women and children of our people from the occupation’s prisons under the age of 19 years, in order of time imprisoned.

• Stopping all occupation air traffic in the south for four days.

• Stopping all occupation air traffic in the North for 6 hours a day, from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

• During the truce period, the occupation is committed not to attack or arrest anyone in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

• Ensuring freedom of movement of people (from north to south) along Salah El-Din Street.

The terms of this agreement were formulated in accordance with the vision of the resistance and its determinants, which aim to serve our people and strengthen their steadfastness in the face of aggression, and it was always mindful of their sacrifices, suffering and concerns, and it conducted these negotiations from a position of steadfastness and strength in the field, despite the occupation’s attempts to prolong and procrastinate the negotiations.

While we announce the arrival of a truce agreement, we affirm that our hands will remain on the trigger, and our victorious battalions will remain on the lookout to defend our people and defeat the occupation and aggression.

We promise our people that we will remain loyal to their blood, their sacrifices, their patience, their bond, and their aspirations for liberation, freedom, the restoration of rights, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, God willing.”

• South Africa's Parliament votes in favour of motion to close Israel's embassy in Pretoria amid Israel's war on Gaza.

Israel investigation found its own military helicopter opened fire at the Israeli settlers, partying, on 7th October.

• Israel investigation found its own military helicopter opened fire at the Israeli settlers, partying, on 7th October. This was done in order to eliminate Hamas fighters who were in the crowd and were not being identified, and the gunman on the Israeli military helicopter deliberately fired at the settlers: reports.

Al-Fakhoora School in Northern Gaza bombed by Israel, many killed.

Israel issued one hour evacuation order to al-Shifa Hospital Doctors, patients and thousands of people sheltering. This was denied by Israel but the doctors inside of the Al-Shifa who talked to media agancy Al-Jazeera , said, people were forced to evacuate at gun-point. Al-Jazeera reported, a statement made by a doctor, "About 450 patients were evacuated, while about 120 patients were left behind with five doctors, including the director and a few nurses, because they were immobile."

Speaking to Al Jazeera from al-Shifa, Director Muhammad Abu Salmiya says only he and a few others, including staff and patients, were left at Gaza’s largest hospital.

Hamas armed wing says it is ready to release 70 captives in exchange for a five-day truce. Hamas also said, it has lost contact with some of its groups holding the the captives in the Gaza Strip. The spokesperson said: “The fate of the captives and those holding them is still unknown after we lost communication with them.”

Dozens are dead and wounded after Israel’s air force bombed the UN-operated al-Fakhoora school and later in the day attacked another shelter in Tal al-Zataar. The UN-run schools in northern Gaza housed thousands of war-displaced Palestinians. According to a report by Al-Jazeera.

• Israel says it will allow two trucks of fuel a day into Gaza.

Read here "Food and water blockade continues in Gaza, imposed by Israel, since November 9th."

Director of Al-Shifa Hospital, Muhammad Abu Salmiya: "The hospital is under siege, we cannot bury the bodies, our drinking water has run out, and the army struck the main water line." Reads a Tweet from Quds News Network on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Clare Daly, a Member of the European Parliament from Ireland, has been vocal and thoroughly criticizing EU (European Union), for failing to stop the Genocide in Gaza. According to her statement a few days ago, she said, “This isn't just Israel's genocide. It's Europe's too”. Daly Tweeted her speech alongside side with the following message in her tweet, “The international community has failed people in #Gaza. Humanity has failed. But every day brings new opportunities to change course, and stop the killing. The only lesson we can take is to redouble efforts to pressure for a #ceasefireNOW”

11,500 dead in Gaza, due to relentless Israeli bombing, including 4,500+ Children.
Numbers of Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza incursion so far: 369.
100s of Armed vehicles, including merkava tanks, belonging to Israeli army has been neutralized by Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza: reports.

• Largest medical facility in Gaza Al-Shifa Hospital raided by Israeli Army.

• Only 27% of Americans between 18 and 34 years old believe Israel's military response in Gaza is a justified after the Hamas operation on October 7, according to poll.

Israel “executed” 30 people who attempted to exit Al Shifa Hospital: reports.

Belize (Latin American nation) suspends diplomatic ties with Israel, citing ‘unceasing indiscriminate bombing’. This increased the names of countries who have suspended diplomatic ties with Israel or have called back diplomats, and ambassador.

Israeli forces raid al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, the largest medical complex in the Strip, where thousands have taken shelter.

Israeli army, deployed in the courtyard of the Al Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City, is demanding via loudspeakers all people inside the buildings of the complex to turn themselves in, according to Al Jazeera.

38 days of the war, over 41 journalists killed.

The Hamas launched Al-Aqsa Flood operation and following war, declared by Israel on Gaza, has entered day 38, with around 11,000 Palestinians been killed, 1+ million people in Gaza alone displaced and many in west bank and other occupied territory of Palestine.

Israel has been committing war crimes in Gaza by targetting Hospitals, kids. Its “incursion of Gaza” is serving as a cover to hide the invasion which it should be called, for international community, specially for so called “Muslim leaders”, around the world, who a few days back were calling out on Israel and warning against a ground invasion.

US soldiers are stationed in Gaza?

Reports have surfaced recently of some "English speaking troops, with US flag on the uniforms" were seen in Gaza, sparking a question is US troops operating in Gaza alongside with Israel? If yes, then this makes, US role in this war is ambiguious, and this leaves a besiged and colonized population fighting against the biggest champion of democracy and equal right and human rights champion?

If we leave the first argument aside entirely, even then the US allowed Israel to bomb Gaza day and night without a question. This really makes the second theory of a so called "human rights champion", faciliating a barbaric bombardment and killing of innocent population, in a already colonized strip.

Story: Palestine-Israel updates, Day 32 ; Updated: 11-11-2023;

39 babies have died in intensive care unit at Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital due to lack of oxygen: Palestinian health minister

Top Belgian politicians criticise Israel, amid growing calls for sanctions from left-wing politicians. Politicians question the scale and legality of Israel’s offensive in Gaza. PM De Croo describes Israel’s relentless and bloody campaign as ‘disproportionate’.

US president said Israel has not positively responded to ceasefire calls.

• Israel has bombed the main oxygen pipeline into Al-Shifa Hospital.

• Al-Shifa Hospital director tells Al Jazeera medical complex “completely cut off, any moving person targeted” by Israeli forces.

• Palestine Red Crescent chief tells UN Security Council that Gaza hospitals are being “deliberately targeted” to force civilians out of Gaza.

71% of Michigan Democrats Support a Ceasefire: says Rashida Tlaib. “Michigan Democrats overwhelmingly support a mutual ceasefire to save countless lives.” — US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib.

• Israel reports says 31 of its soldiers dead in ongoing Gaza incursion, taking the toll up to 340 soldiers, since 7th of October.


• A country took stance and has shown solidarity for Palestine, by its parliament removing “snacks and soft drinks” from the menu, irony, or pity?

Turkey's parliament removes Coca-Cola and Nestle products from its restaurants over their alleged support for Israel. A parliament statement read, “It was decided that the products of companies that support Israel will not be sold in restaurants, cafeterias and tea houses in the parliament campus.”

• Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim says, Malaysia will not accept unilateral sanctions under the proposed US legislation targeting foreign supporters of Hamas and other Palestinian groups.

Mehreen Faruqi an Australian parliamentarian, a member of political party Australian Greens, alongside with a group of senators have walk out of the country's parliamentary house, after a delivering a critical speech against the government's failure to condemn Israel's attacks on Gaza.

100s of Armed vehicles belonging to Israeli army has been neutralized by resistance fighters in Gaza, amid ongoing Israel incursion of the enclave: reports.
At least 4,237 children have been killed by Israeli forces since Oct. 7, according to health ministry in Gaza.
South Africa recalls diplomats from Tel Aviv.

• More than 10,022 Palestinians have been killed since last 4 weeks, including in west bank and other parts of occupied territory.

Story: Palestine-Israel updates, Day 31 ; Updated: 06-11-2023;

Israel said 30 of its soldiers have been killed in Gaza since the start of the ground operation.

• Israel's assault on Gaza may cost more than $51 billion, in its initial stage, this is equivalent to nearly 10% of the country's GDP.

• Israel said 30 of its soldiers have been killed in Gaza since the start of the ground operation, the number could be much higher as Hamas claims much more than what Israel claims.

Israeli army announces it is dividing Gaza Strip into 2 sections and imposing complete blockade on it.

• The US Navy sends a nuclear submarine to the Middle East

• At least 9,922 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza and occupied West Bank till now.

• Gaza should be bombed with Nuclear weapon, said Israeli minister, got sacked.

• Iron dome miss-fires, missile falls on Israeli territory, casualty reported.

• Japan announces $65 million in aid for the Gaza Strip.

• Honduras recalls ambassador from Israel.

• Israeli army confirms it bombed ambulance outside al-Shifa Hospital, claiming it was being used by Hamas.

Israeli strike hit a convoy of ambulances in front of Al Shifa Hospital killing multiple people.

What you need to know, so far?

• Israeli army announces the number of Israeli soldiers killed since Oct. 7 rises to 341.

• The explosive force of the bombs dropped by Israeli warplanes on Palestine’s Gaza is “1.5 times more than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima” in Japan in 1945 (15,000 tons of TNT), the head of the Government Media Office in Gaza, Salama Marouf, said.

More than 11,000 Palestinians, the majority of whom are children, women, and elderly, martyrs.
Attacks on Hospitals, ambulance, prohibited weaponry use, more than 32,000 wounded.
1.5 Million people are displaced, forced evacuation, Massacre, starvation, inhuman treatment, and “right to self-defence.”

Gaza Health Ministry, says 13 martyred, 26 injured in 'massacre' after Israeli strike hits ambulances at gate of Al-Shifa Hospital (which largest in the Gaza).

• More than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed in the lsraeli bombing on Gaza.

• Israel reports: 19 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza incursion so far, taking the total to 335 soldiers, since 7th of October.

• 24+ Israeli soldiers killed since it carried out its ground offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Overall, since the war began on October 7, more than 335 soldiers have been killed in the fighting.

• US approves $14.5 Billion in military support to Israel. The bombing of Gaza by Israel is widely being termed as genocide, by many intellectual, public in general.

Story: Palestine-Israel updates, Day 27 ; Updated: 02-11-2023;

9,061 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, 3,760 are children and an additional 32,000 have been wounded, the health ministry said.

Israel has bombed the Jabalya refugee camp (which is densely-populated) in northern Gaza, for the second time in two days.

Bahrain became the first Middle East country, to have recall its ambassador and suspended economic ties.

The move came after the bombing at Jabalya camp. The relentless bombing of the civilian areas by Israel, has been condemned, by many nations, including China, Russia. Bolivia, Chile, Colombia have already recalled their ambassadors from Israel.


• Bahrain has recalled its ambassador to Israel and suspended economic ties: the Bahrain parliament announces.

Russian representative:

Vasily Nebenzy, Russia's Ambassador to the UN said: "The only thing [the US and it allies] can muster is continued pronouncements about Israel’s alleged right to self defense, although as an occupying power, it does not have that power as confirmed by the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice handed down in 2004."


• Hamas claims and releases video, showing how it has destroyed 4 military vehicles of Israel, including tanks, since last 24 hours. While Israel confirms it has lost 17 of its soldiers since the incursion began.

Other top updates:

• Official Fatwa issued, "declaring obligation for Muslim States armies to intervene in Gaza against Israel brutality."

• Yemen's Houthis say launched drone attacks on Israel.

• Israel says 15 of its soldiers have killed in Gaza since the incursion of the besieged strip began.

• Palestinians martyrs toll from Israel’s war on the besieged Gaza Strip has surpassed 8,500.

• Jordan recalls its ambassador from Israel

International Council of Islamic Scholars has issued a fatwa, declaring that it is obligatory for the Muslim states and official armies to intervene in Gaza and stop genocide.

• Wednesday, the fatwa, officialy came, which says, it is mandatory as per Shari'ah for Islamic regimes and their armies to stop Israel from committing genocide of Palestinians: reports.

Story: Palestine-Israel updates; Updated: 1-11-2023;

Some foreign passport holders including critically injured people will be taken out of Gaza via, Egypt Rafah border, in a Qatar brokered deal.

• OIC, a 57-member bloc of Muslim countries, calls on "international community to intervene urgently" in order to stop Israeli aggression.

• Qatar has mediated an agreement between Egypt, Israel and Hamas, in coordination with the US, to allow for the movement of foreign passport holders and some critically injured people out of Gaza: Reuters.

Gaza is once again, been completely cut off, of Internet, phone services, says local operator.

• Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israel, risen to 8,525: according to reports by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

• Chile and Colombia have recalled their ambassador from Israel.

• Bolivia (a landlocked country of west-central South America) breaks diplomatic ties with Israel, demands end to attacks on Gaza Strip.

Recent updates from Israel attacks:

Update: Israel confirms an IDF (Israel Defense Forces) attack caused the massive blast at Gaza's largest refugee camp, Jabalia. The attacks have reportedly left as many as, 400 Palestinians killed and wounded so far: reports.

• The Interior Ministry in Gaza says that there are 400 casualties in the attack.

Israel says it targeted a Hamas commander, behind the October 7, attack, the Palestinian group denies the claim.

Yemen update:

• Yemeni govt has announced "state of war" against Israel, becoming the first country in the world to do so: reports.

• Yemeni group Houthis has officially opened a front against Israel: reports.

• The group have declared that they have fired drones and missiles at Israel, and that the further decisions would be taken, after meeting, with senior leadership: reports.

Gaza requires at least 100 relief trucks every day, to support the 2M+ population, currently living under Israeli imposed blockade of water, fuel, electricity, food, and other essential supply: reports.

Hamas update:

• Hamas group claims it engaged the Israeli forces at all points of advance and destroy 22 military vehicles so far with Al-Yassin anti-tank missiles, and were able to kill and injure a large number of enemy soldiers during the clashes: According to reports online.

Earlier, the group claimed its fighters have confronted Israeli troops, and destroyed 6 armoured vehicles, including 3 tanks, at various locations, inside Gaza: according to various reports online.

Other notable developments:

• Israel confirms, 312 soldiers killed, amid ongoing Gaza incursions, increasing the death toll: reports

• Palestine Tuesday: Palestinian Red Crescent says 26 aid trucks cross into Gaza.

• Iranian armed force chief says, "the Zionists have lost on the battlefield and are losing international support."

• Iranian General: Zionists' defeat can't be repaired through crimes, According to Baqeri, the Resistance is ready for a ground invasion, and added that they have built over 400km of underground tunnels where they can use motorbikes and vehicles: reported by Almayadeen media network.

• UN says 33 aid trucks crossed into Gaza Sunday.


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