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Story: Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin not Lawful in Islam here's why.; 30-03-2024;

Cryptocurrency is not considered Halal, here's why?

Story: Hanging Park Sharjah, UAE ; 11-03-2024;

Hanging Gardens Sharjah, UAE | Hanging Park Sharjah.

Istanbul held the title of the most visited city in 2023, with more than 20 million people visited the city.

Story: Istanbul crowned as worlds most visited city in 2023. Published: 26-02-2024;

Most popular things on the internet 2023 and in 2024 (predicted.) | Social Platforms, AI and more.

Story: Most popular things on the internet right now. ; 23-11-2023;

Apple Watch Series 9 is special: with double tap to answer and end call.

Story: Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra-2, SE unveiled on AppleEvent; 12-09-2023;

Snow Abu Dhabi, a snow park in UAE, is spread over 10,000sqft, and is one of the world’s largest indoor snow parks.

Story: Snow Abu Dhabi at Reem Mall, will be made open to the public on June 8. 13-05-2023

World's tallest observation wheel Ain Dubai.

Story: World's tallest observation wheel- Ain Dubai ; 13-10-2023;

The Istanbul Canal project.

Story: Istanbul Canal; 13-10-2023;

Biplane components names with image illustration, all you need to know.

Story: Biplane components all you need to know; 09-05-2023;

Global arms sales up 1.9 percent due to Russia-Ukraine war.

Story: Russia-Ukraine war effects arm sales worldwide; 06-12-2022;

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