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Israel is bombing Rafah Gaza.

Israel's war on besieged Gaza, now in its 219th day, has killed at least 34,971 people — 70 percent of them babies, children and women — and wounded over 78,641.

Israel has launched strikes on eastern Rafah, after it expanded an evacuation order for Rafah, with the United Nations warning an outright invasion of the crowded southern city risked an "epic" disaster.

Israel launches strikes on eastern Rafah amid confusion over ceasefire negotiations. Tanks reportedly seen on outskirts of city, UN warns Israel of "epic" disaster.

Hamas accepts the ceasefire with Israel.

Story: Palesitne-Israel update day 214; Updated:07-05-2024;

Israel has launched multiple air strikes on Rafah, this came after Palestinian resistance group Hamas agreed to a truce deal. Jordan has immediately condemned the bombardment.

Hamas-Israel ceasefire talks are high, potential ceasefire on the cards as Gazans celebrate the deal accepted by Hamas.

Israel says it will continue to pressure Hamas with its offensive on Rafah:

While Israel hasn't put an end to the talks of potential ceasefire with Hamas, but neither agreed to the deal till now.

Israeli PM Netanyahu has said that Israel will send a delegation for talks on ceasefire.

According to a news report by Aljazeera, "Israeli PM Netanyahu’s office says the proposal agreed by Hamas is far from Israel’s demands but the Israeli government will send a delegation to negotiate."

" It also says war cabinet decided that Israel will continue its operation on Rafah, with the army announcing striking targets in the city."

Hamas said it is fully prepared to defend Palestinians in response to any Israeli military operation in Rafah, and that a operation in Rafah 'won’t be picnic’: reports.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh says the group has accepted a Gaza ceasefire proposal put on table by Qatar and Egypt.

Israel is studying the proposal put up by Qatar and Egypt.

Israel hasn't yet agreed to the ceasefire deal.

Hamas accepts the ceasefire with Israel. The deal involves 6 weeks + 6 weeks temporary ceasefire, which is said to be eventually lead to end the war.

Complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza is included in the deal.

Hostage swap, and replacement of Gazans to their pre-war lands is also in the deal that Hamas has agreed upon.

• Gazans are currently celebrating the acceptance of the deal by Hamas.

US pushing Israel to accept the latest deal.

The United States is putting pressure on Israel to get along and accept the deal with Hamas this time.

Joe Biden has personally guaranteed the ceasefire: according to some reports;

Israel has ordered 100,000 Gazans taking shelter in Rafah to flee:

Thousands of people flee eastern Rafah after Israel orders people to evacuate as fears of a full-blown military assault on the city sheltering more than one million displaced people grow.

Turkey officially stops all trade with Israel.

Story: Turkey-Israel; Updated:03-05-2024;

In 2022, Turkey exported $7B to Israel. The main products exported from Turkey to Israel were Raw Iron Bars ($757M), Cars ($353M), and Jewellery ($264M).

In 2022, Israel exported $2.33B to Turkey. The main products exported from Israel to Turkey were Refined Petroleum ($1.03B), Scrap Iron ($293M), and Propylene Polymers ($101M). This data was published on oec

Mutual trade between both countries accounted for $9.33 Billion in 2022, which is significant rise as compared to historical data on the mutual trade.

Turkey is planning to put up a case against Israel in International Court of Justice, and join hands with South Africa.

This move came after almost seven months of Israeli genocidal war on Gaza.

Turkish ruling party Justice and Development Party (AKP) of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan lost local body elections just a month ago. The move to cut ties with Israel from Turkey is seen as the steps towards damage control happened to the ruling party due to its inability to act with hard against Israel, as most of the voters of AKP are Muslims. Though another main reason for that defeat is also touted as the rise of inflation, and crumbling economy.

Iran launched more than 200 drones and missiles attack on Israel.

Most of the drones, missiles were intercepted and destroyed by joint response from Israel and Jordanian air defences, while US, UK in a special defence operation downed Iranian drones, and missiles.

Even after all this some of Iranian missiles hit successfully Israeli targets, like Airbase, military sights. Israel says no casualty were reported, and minor damage was done to its infrastructure, Israel also reported 2 injuries caused by the Iran's attack on 14 April.

Iran said after the attacks, it has avenged Israel for its attack last week in Syria on the Iranian embassy, in which top military leaders were killed.

Israel said this is not over as Iran has attacked its territory with a major barrage of aerial attack, and a response will be conducted on Iran soon.

Iran launches hundreds of kamikaze drones at Israel: Reports.

Reports indicate Iranian attack on Israel has begun: Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Reports claim Iran has also launched ballestic missiles against Israel.

Iran has launched cruise missiles at Israel: Israeli media Israel’s Channel 12 reports that cruise missiles have now been launched and that they have a shorter flight time than drones. According to a report by Aljazeera.

Hundreds of Iranian drones and missiles are reportedly heading toward Israeli-occupied territories, according to Israeli media: reported by Almayadeen.

"Iran's Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force announced that it targeted Israeli positions in occupied Palestine with dozens of drones and missiles, as part of the retaliatory response to the malicious Israeli crime against the Iranian embassy in Syria." according to a report by Almayadeen.

Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey announced they will not allow US to use military bases against Iran.

Iran IRGC has taken over the Israeli-owned container ship MSC Aries near the Strait of Hormuz, today.

The capture of an Israeli-owned container ship MSC Aries near the Strait of Hormuz, by the Iranian Armed Forces, is seen as a big blow to Israeli land trade route that connects it to the east via the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, according to Israeli media outlets.

Following the operations of the Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF) that targeted Israeli-affiliated ships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, Israeli authorities worked on intensifying trade operations through land routes that cut through the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Iran has told the US that if the America defends Israel against its forthcoming retaliation for the Damascus strike, it will consider the US a viable target as well.

Israel-Hamas ceasefire talks has stalled.

Hamas and Israel refuse to accept the proposed terms for the ceasation.

Story: Truce talks in Cairo went positive, truce is expected; 08-04-2024;

Israel-Hamas to reach a ceasefire? | Gaza, Palestine updates.

Rafah is being bombed now, by Israel, the last shelter for 1.5 Million Palestinians in Gaza: reports.

Story: Palestine-Israel update day 172; Updated:26-03-2024;

Ever since the UN has passed the ceasefire resolution against Israel it is insanely bombing Gaza and Rafah.

81 people have been killed and 93 wounded in Gaza in 24 hours, according to the enclave’s Health Ministry.

The UN Security Council passed the first ever resolution demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza, with the U.S. not abstaining voting.

• The significant thing was abstention of the United State.

After the U.S. abstained not veto the UN resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, PM Netanyahu was not happy. This was further confirmed with Israel cancelling Washington visit of its delegation.

32,000+ Palestinians in Gaza has been killed by Israeli war on the enclave, since 8th October.

• More than 14,000 Children has been killed in Israeli Bombing and ground invasion of Gaza.

• UN resolution for a "ceasefire" in Gaza put by the US, which Russia called as “hypocritical spectacle” that does not pressure Israel, got vetoed by Russia, China.

The draft put before the Council on Friday received 11 votes in favour, three against – from Russia, China and Algeria – and one abstention by Guyana: reported by Aljazeera

• At least 16 children have died from dehydration and malnutrition in the besieged enclave due to Israel blocking the delivery of humanitarian aid: Official report says.

30,000+ Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli bombardment and ground invasion, since 7 October.

Ramadan Taraweeh prayers start in Rafah, Gaza, 2 Million plus Gazans are facing existential threat amid Israeli bombings and ground invasion.

According to Gaza's health ministry data, till day 146:

At least 30,035+ Palestinians in Gaza have been killed.
At least 12,300 children has been killed.
1.9 Million Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced.
At least 8,400 Women has been killed.
Palestinians are facing a dire situation of starvation due to Israel's blockade on Food and other life's essentials. Several casualties due to starvation has been already reported.
At least 70,457 Palestinians injured.
Numbers of Israeli soldiers killed since 7 October: 1500+, while 100s of Armed vehicles, including merkava tanks, belonging to Israeli army has been neutralized by Hamas and other resistance groups in Gaza: reports.

US Air Force member Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire, his last words were 'Free Palestine'. The 25-year-old man protested not to ‘complicit in genocide’ in Gaza Strip.

Israel using food as weapon:

Israel using hunger as weapon against Palestinians in Gaza, as casualties reported due to starvation in North of Gaza.

A two-month-old Palestinian baby has died from starvation in northern Gaza, according to media reports, as Israel is accused of using starvation as a weapon of war: reported by Aljazeera

Palestine-Israel war Gaza updates 2023.

Story: Iron Dome;

Israeli Iron Dome air defence system, all you need to know.

BRICS 2025 expansion planning | NATO vs BRICS?

Story: BRICS to expand significantly till 2025; 18-03-2024;

Story: Tata's Air India to order 500 Aircrafts; 16-01-2023;

Air India is set to order around 500 planes: world's leading aircraft lessors said.

Story: Russia-Ukraine war effects arm sales worldwide; 06-12-2022;

Global arms sales up 1.9 percent due to Russia-Ukraine war.

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