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Story: Eid Al Adha Dua (Prayer); 25-05-2023;

Eid Al Adha, how to sacrifice (qurbani) animal, according to sunni Aqeeda | Qurbani ki Dua;

Let's first read this beautiful Dua and pray:

• May Allah ﷻ and Huzur Mohammed Mustafa ﷺ shower guidance, sheer assistance, Rehma (Blessings) of all sort, in what we read, write, learn, perform in this world and for the betterment of hereafter.

• May Allah ﷻ and Huzoor Mohammed Mustafa ﷺ forgive us if we do mistakes in reading, understanding anything in this article, or if we've made any mistake in putting contents on this page.

Qurbani ki Dua Sunni Aqeeda:

Dawateislami book - ablaq-ghorey-suwar

In the above given link will land you on website - books library- page - "Ablaq Ghorey Suwar" - book download, you can download the book which is roughly 3MB in size (which very small), and find Qurbani related question and their answers, all at one place.

"Qurbani ka tarika", which includes dua for qurbani is given on (12-13... and so on) page number, if you download Urdu version, and Hindi version has dua and other information on (12-13... and so on) pages.

Important Bayan on Eid Al Adha:


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