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Story: TVS X electric scooter; 29-08-2023;

TVS X electric scooter launched at Rs 2.50 lakh, all you need to know.

TVS X is designed to look appealing to the young blood, the youth of India. This article covers the features, price, range, battery, variants and much more related to the latest entry in E-scooter in India the TVS X.

The X has many features which makes it special, it is the first e-scooter in India to get ABS (Anti-lock braking system), which a important safety feature, that most scooters really do not have in them.

Key Features:

• The TVS X is claimed to have a top speed of 105kph, TVS claims the X can achieve 40kph in just 2.6s.

• It delivers a peak power of 11kW.

The TVS X sports a 4.4kWh battery that is claimed to have a range of 140km, with a full charge.

TVS provides multiple charging solutions for the same, you can charge it with either the Smart X Home rapid charger (0-50 percent in 50 minutes), while there is an optional add-on 3kW fast charger also available for customers.

Another charger is a 950W portable charger that takes about 4hr 30min to charge the X from 0 to 80 percent. The cost of the portable charger is Rs 16,275 (including GST).

• It can deliver 40Nm of peak torque.

• It has a 220mm disc brake in the front, and a 195mm disc at the rear. The add on is the presence of ABS.

• The X runs on 12-inch wheels with a chunky 100-section tyre up front and a 110-section hoop at the rear.

• TVS X Has a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) which is ram-air cooled. Regenerative braking is also available, with different levels to choose from.

• There are three riding modes – Xtealth, Xtride, Xonic.

• The X also gets reverse assist, cruise control as well as a hill-hold function.


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