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Story: Google AdSense identity verification?; 06-03-2023;

Why Google AdSense requires identity verification?

Here's what you need to know:

• Simple and straightforward answer to the question is, Google wants to make sure and protect the security of your account, as well as to confirm the accuracy of your account information and protect you from fraud. According to the official Google AdSense Help .

According to Google the process makes it easier for Google to find account-specific details. You may be asked to provide ID when you communicate with Google. Collecting this information allows Google to verify that the personal information you’ve provided is correct.

Google AdSense requires you to prove “it's you” in order to continue to show ads and receive payments. Google AdSense asks for your identity verification proof, that involves the following process:

Old verification method:

According to Google, you get 45 days from the date it first ask you to verify your identity to submit the required documents in your account. After 45 days, if you haven't provided the documents or Google is for some reasons, unable to verify your identity from the documents you have provided, then Google will stop showing ads on your pages.

• Google also puts a temporary hold onto your account for the same purpose. Meaning, you won't be able to receive payments until you successfully complete the entire process, nor you'll be able to shut the account in the duration.

Google notifies you with the “payments are on hold” message on the home page of Google AdSense account, Google also sends you mail regarding the same.

Another thing to pay attention to the entire process is:

Google asks you to verify your address via PIN (which is a six-digit code, that Google sends to your provided address via postal facility.), after you've successfully verified your identity. According to Google, “When your earnings reach the verification threshold, we mail a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to your payment address. It usually takes 2–4 weeks for your PIN to arrive, but it may take longer depending on your location.”

• Google first asks to verify your identity, and after that it sends your PIN.

To learn more about these processes that Google puts you through see the link here: Google AdSense Help .

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