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Apple has the 5th largest market in India, according to 2023 data.

Story: Tech news updates India; 02-08-2023;

Apple growth in 2023 in India:

According to Counterpoint Research, India is now the fifth-largest market for Apple, trailing behind companies like Samsung (20.1%), Vivo (17.1%), Xiaomi (16.2%), OPPO (12.4%) and realme (with 9.1% market share.)

Apple has recorded a mere market share of just 7% and is the 6th largest in terms of smartphone selling companies in India.

• The Apple product shipments grown by 33% in Q1 2023, according to the reports.

Apple's growth in India might be the result of their big interest in the market, as Apple recently opened the first official store in Mumbai, just a few months ago. Apple did also launch budget friendly iPhone SE 3, and of course the Apple's brand value (ever-growing).

The most affordable Harley-Davidson motorcycle ever, launched in India with price tag (starting) at ₹2.29 lakh.


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India became the largest population country, surpassing China in 2023.


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