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Story: Walkie-Talkie is a childhood dream and a need for many. ; 16-12-2023;

Walkie Talkie in India? Good options for kids and Grown-ups | Decrease screen time with Walkie-talkie, here's how!

Walkie Talkie are a child's dream and a need for enthusiastic, traveller, and people who want to stay in touch with loved one's at all the time.

Walkie's also allows a private passage for people to communicate, this makes it more cool as well, as not everybody in your range is carrying these, with the same channel frequency.

Use cases:

Biggest advantage of a walkie in my point of view is that it makes, short distance communication totally free, no mobile phone required, walkies are cheap, affordable than smartphones.

• They help you spend less time on your smartphone (humble opinion, can't promise anything here)

Walkie' come handy in situation like outdoor activities, security, construction, events, hobbies etc.

Walkie have potential to make mobile phone use quite obsolete, in certain conditions, you stay in a family environment and need to communicate with each other frequently.

It is akin to living side-by-side in rooms or on different floors, where one must request a cup of tea or coffee from their loved ones and arrange a phone call or WhatsApp call for that purpose, ultimately leading to the appearance of unneeded social media posts.

Short information for what are Walkie-Talkie:

Walkie-Talkie provides short distance 2-way FM voice communication, between two hand held radios' (i.e. Walkie Talkie).

Walkies do not need a cell network, instead works on (you've guessed it correct) radio waves, to transmit and receive voice messages.

With license-free walkie-talkie you may have 22 channels, for common use, but mostly you would be able to use only channels between 1 to 7, due to something called 0.5 - 1 Watt output.

To talk to a person, you need to know the channel they are on, and what is privacy code.

Though communication is not hidden from a third party, if anyone is within the same channel, and is within the range of your frequency can/will hear your communication.

Important question; What is the typical range of a License-free walkie-talkie?

The answer is 1-5 km, generally, because we live in a concrete jungle, you see.

On open terrain, the range can be much bigger, if your hardware (walkie) allows it.

There are basically two types of these, one is License-free (no government permission required) and the other one is licensed (requires permission for specific frequencies).

Operating range: this range can vary due to many factors, like places, weather, hardware of your radio, etc.

Typically, 1 to 5 km, can be obtained with ease, or even more if everything goes well.

We found these walkie available on Amazon with good reviews and ratings, for every age group:

This walkie is available on, specially for grown-ups, and has good ratings and reviews, so we've chosen to put it for all of you who wants to try the walkie-talkie, for the first time ever, like many.

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Walkie Talkie for kids can be seen on the Amazon as well, which seems quite good option for a gift to all the kids, this would allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones even more easily.

Here's what we've picked, you can buy it on Amazon.

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