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Russia looks unhindered, regardless of sanctions and 2 years of war with Ukraine.

Story: Russian banks earn $33 billion in 2023; 03-02-2024;

The ambassadors of Iran and Pakistan will return to their respective embassies by 26 January.

Story:Pakistan-Iran; 23-01-2024;

Pakistan has also invited Iran's foreign minister to visit the country.

Pakistan missiles hit terrorist groups in Iran, days after Iran strikes in Pakistan.

Pakistani missiles targeted seven locations inside Iran.

Islamabad says it targeted hideouts of armed groups in Iran, after Iran apparently targeted Pakistani territory.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson says Pakistan’s military carried out targeted strikes against “terrorist hideouts” in Iran, a day after Tehran’s air raid in the country.

The spokesperson said Pakistan conducted the precise strikes under the operation name “Marg Bar Sarmachar” meaning “Death to Saramchar”. The spokesperson also said the attacks were based on credible intelligence about the major terrorist activities, and the attacks were carried out for nation security.

Pakistan also said that they have told Iran of such terror activities in past and handed dossiers to Iran on the same, but Iran failed to take solid actions on the group which Pakistan accuses is active in the region in Iran.

“Over the last several years, in our engagements with Iran, Pakistan has consistently shared its serious concerns about the safe havens and sanctuaries enjoyed by Pakistani origin terrorists calling themselves ‘Sarmachars’ on the ungoverned spaces inside Iran. Pakistan also shared multiple dossiers with concrete evidence of the presence and activities of these terrorists,” the ministry said in its statement, reported by Aljazeera


Reports say after the strikes from Pakistan, Iran's IRGC has deployed, ballistic missiles.

Iran on 16th of January struck Pakistan's Balochistan region with missiles and drones. The attacks reported to have killed two children and injured three others.

Iran said the attacks were carried out on the Jaish al-Adl, an armed group, near Panjgur city in Pakistan’s southwestern province of Balochistan, bordering Iran.

Iran accused Jaish al-Adl, of multiple attacks against Iran in the past.

Pakistan called these attacks “unacceptable” and said the country reserves the right to respond to this “illegal act”.

The Hyundai Creta expected to launch in India in January, deliveries to begin by late January.

Story: Hyundai Creta 2024 price? What you need to know? ; 02-01-2024;

Maruti Fronx has A.C vents in the back? What is the USP? Should you buy it?

Story: Maruti Fronx price and features in-depth analysis. ; 15-13-2023;

Story: OpenAI;

Sam Altman is set to return to his position, after being fired last week, as the CEO of OpenAI the company behind infamous ChatGPT.

Microsoft says Sam Altman will lead its new in-house AI team after, him being fired as CEO at OpenAI.

Microsoft says Sam Altman will lead its new in-house AI team after the OpenAI co-founder was fired, from his startup last week.

This news put an end to a possible new “new AI war”, which many thought, would trigger, after Altman was fired, in a shocking manner.

ChatGPT, CEO Sam Altman fired. The tech industry has been shocked:

The co-founder of OpenAI Sam Altman and the man behind popular AI tech, ChatGPT, has been fired from his own company (from his held CEO position). The OpenAI has been funded heavily by Microsoft.

On November 17, 2023, Sam Altman, was fired from his position by the company's board of directors. The board cited a lack of leadership, and consistency in his communication with the top leadership in Altman's communications with the board as the reason for his dismissal.

Here's a small part of the official statement from OpenAI following the announcement: “The board of OpenAI has decided to remove Sam Altman as CEO of the company. This decision was made after careful consideration and is the result of a loss of confidence in Mr. Altman's ability to continue leading OpenAI.”

Mira Murati (co-founder of OpenAI) became interim CEO of OpenAI, until the company finds new and permanent CEO. is the

Sam Tweeted:

After the announcement, Sam Altman tweeted the following: "if i start going off, the openai board should go after me for the full value of my shares".

What makes a country fully developed? And another still developing?

Story: Developed vs Developing countries? ; 25-10-2023;

US $100 million F-35 Fighter Jet, crashed, due to bad weather.

Story: A US Fighter Jet F-35 went missing and later crashed, pilot ejected; 23-09-2023;

• The pilot ejected out of the $100 million F-35 jet that went missing due to "bad weather" according to the pilot (allegedly.)

A US F-35 Fighter Jet crashed on September 18, 2023, near Charleston, South Carolina. The pilot ejected safely and was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

The F-35 is a fifth-generation stealth fighter jet that is considered to be one of the most advanced aircraft in the world. It is used by the US Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, as well as several allied nations.

• Military officials have not yet released a specific reason for the pilot’s hasty exit, only referring to the incident as stemming from a “malfunction.”

• The jet is part of the US Department of Defense’s priciest weapons system program, according to a May 2023 report from the US Government Accountability Office.

Our list of Top 10 most expensive cities to live in India in 2023.

Story: Top 10 most expensive cities to live in India in 2023;

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